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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against at on 30-Jan-15.


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  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 702.355.0004
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Original Complaint against published at on 30-Jan-15 says, verbatim –

ARKENI TURNER of Las Vegas and her | | 1 A new Black TV network | 2 A fiber optic multi-media company | 3 A Universal Records distributed record label | | Truth of the matter is that Arkeni Turner, a stunningly beautiful black woman and energetic dancer who wears form flattering attire, approached me at a local Vegas casino, and of course, immediately got my attention and my business card. I bought her a few drinks as the night progressed and then we went back to my room. BIG MISTAKE now, I know, especially being a married man. Well, after a few weeks of email correspondence and a couple of late night choice meetings with her on a more intimate level, she’s got her hooks in me. | | To my surprise, one day while out with her, I get pummeled by this very angry and imposing bald headed white dude (Dale Cross) accusing me of sleeping with his wife and making a huge scene, he also has video footage of us together (which she ovbviously secretly taped during one of our encounters). Just imagine your average middle aged, bargain basement skin head. | | Well, as I was right in the middle of a huge deal myself with business associates on their way up to my suite in this particular casino (which Arkeni clearly knew and I later found out was part of the “set up”), | | Panic stricken, I promise to take a look at their paperwork and proposals, Dale gives his permission for Arkeni (“his wife”) to continue to visit me intimately, and the next thing I know, I’ve written them several checks to “invest” in their business. | | Long story short, I later discover that this vixen Some of us own car lots, nightclubs, clothing stores and such. | | I have personally been Being that I signed “investment papers” which state that I could lose my investment, I really have no recourse. And although I’m guilty of cheating on my wife with Arkeni Turner (also a married person), as have been another dozen other married business men (whom she targets), there’s no logical reason why we should all have to suffer in this way mentally or take the hits we’ve each taken financially. | | With the help of a private investigator, I know that she and her sister, TINA TURNER work together at a seedy Vegas strip club called The Palomino Club, and she also has a failed career as a ‘Hollywood Actress’ relegated to D movies and soft porn. Apparently, her ‘singing career’ also stalled in the 80’s & 90’s when it was discovered that she couldn’t sing and rumors ran rampant that she was actually born a man (although I have no confirmation of this). Her real name is not Arkeni Turner and obviously her sister’s name is not ‘Tina Turner’. Although in her 40’s, with a slim masculine figure and jawline (sans the male birth rumors) she changes her appearance often with the clever use of wigs of various styles, colors and textures. | I know that I will never see my “investment” money again, but it is my intention that the next wayward (married) businessman she comes along and begins to play her violin to, before being set up for the kill, that he will take the time to google her name and discover the truth about this black widow (with no correlation to her race, but the color of her heart) and will spare himself both the grief and the financial loss. | | For further reference to her decietful practices, you may find her at, where she continues to perpetuate the false hood that she is a serious Hollywood Actress and world renowned recording artist, of which she is far from both. |

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