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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Around the Table at on 31-Oct-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Around the Table
  • Address: 1111 Alness Street
  • City: Toronto
  • State:
  • Country: Canada
  • Phone: 416-630-6704
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Around the Table published at on 31-Oct-14 says, verbatim –

I contacted Around the Table on September 2nd to buy a table that was already in stock according to Jay. I bought a table and two benches which was $1050.00. I also paid for the delivery which was $150.00. He asked me when I wanted the table, and I said as soon as possible and provided him with my delivery address. | On Sept 4th they charged my credit card. I messaged him on September 5th asking when he would be heading to Sanford, no response. | I wrote him again on 9/8 asking if he had everything he needed from me. No response. | Wrote again on 9/14 | asking if he knew which day he would be heading to Sanford. No response. | Wrote | again on 9/16 “I’m going away and don’t want to miss you”. No response. He | responded on 9/20; “Hi Lauren, We would like to put you on our delivery schedule | for next week, What day and/or times work best for you. Thank you Jay”. I | responded an hour later “Hi! I am away this week. I’ll be back next Sunday. My | husband will be home but I don’t know his schedule. His number is ***. Thank | you”. He responded “Thanks Lauren for the update. Talk with you soon”. | Wrote him on 9/22 “I’ll be back next Sunday. I can do it any day next week. What will work | best”? no response. | I wrote him on 9/25 asking him to please call me, I listed | my correct number, no response. | I wrote again 9/27 “I am have family coming in. Can we make this delivery work? Our credit card has been charged correct? :/” | He responded “Hi Lauren,Yes, we can make your delivery work. When do you have family coming in? I thought you stated that you were out of time until this Sunday. We can definitely get your table to you. When do you have family coming in? Thanks” | I wrote “Ok great, I am coming back Sunday, my husband was home this week, we thought you forgot about us. They are coming Oct 11th. We have a smaller table to eat at but I was hoping we could have the dining area completed | for them . Thanks!” | I wrote again on Oct 2nd looking for an update, offered to | pick up the table myself. | Heard back on Oct 6th they stated “Hi Lauren,Yes, we can make this work. What day this week can we deliver your table set. We are open for delivery on Thursday or Friday. If that doesn’t work for you, we can deliver Saturday morning also. Thanks Jay”. | I wrote back “Thursday and Friday work! I work from home so whatever is best for you. Thank you :)” | He wrote back “okay Great! Let’s plan for a Friday morning Am delivery. Thank you” | Oct 10th (friday) I head not heard from them. I messaged them at 11:05am “is delivery still on for today? Thank you!” Didnt hear, messaged them at 4:39pm “Is it safe to say this just isn’t happening? I don’t really know what else to do at this point. I waited all day for a table that never came. Do you want to refund us? I am really disappointed your work looked beautiful.” | They responded with “Hi Lauren, We do still plan to deliver your table. We have called your number **** (wrong number) a couple of times this week and left voice messages but no response. We are not always at the computer to check our facebook messages. We would like to get your table set to you. Thanks Jay” | I responded with my correct number. | He appolgozised and said he would contact me with a 1-2 days notice to confirm delivery. | I wrote him and said that was strange, my husband had called twice that day and never heard back fromt hem. I asked again what day they would be delivering. Didnt hear back. | Wrote them again on the Oct 16th looking for informaton, didnt hear back. | Oct 19th he responded and said he would deliver the table that week. I said that was perfect. I didnt hear from them all week. | I contacted again on Thursday Oct 23rd asking what day, nothing. | Contacted again through facebook on 10/24 asking for refund and to be contacted. I also left him a voicemail. | I messaged him again 10/29 asking if I needed to put a stop payment through the credit card company. No response. I used facebook messagnger, so I can see they have read all my messages, and at what times. |

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