Arrowhead Mobile Home Park Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Arrowhead Mobile Home Park at on 23-Feb-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Arrowhead Mobile Home Park
  • Address: 75 N Curtis Rd
  • City: Colorado Springs
  • State: Colorado
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 719-683-2727
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Arrowhead Mobile Home Park published at on 23-Feb-15 says, verbatim –

This mobile home aprk ripped us off, Arrowhead mobile home park, is ran by as stupid manager, she does not know how to run buisness, it is located at 75 N Curtis Rd, colorado springs, co, 80930. | I and my fiance was moving from california, i answered a add, on craigslist(first mistake/. I admit. I called this cow, named Jen Chihuk that was selling the home, i aksed her normal questions, and detailed questions about the home, windows, yard, bathrooms, ect. | She replied” oh the windows are fine, the tubs are fine, outlets, ect, she only mentioned that the master tub had little chipping on the edge. also she said, washer, dryer, 2 refrigerators, and stove is included, she sent pictures, only waht i wanted to see. the cow was a scam artist, also paid $2800.00 up front, my overnight mail, along with papaerwork that Mendy, the manager requested. i was under the impression that $2000.00 was a deposit, it was not that portion went to jen, to use as a downpayment for #6 next door, to #5. $700.00 was sept rent, $100.00 was tital tranfer. i was in contact over the phone with the manager, Mendy, and jen, all nicey nicey. then right before our move, jen informed me the utilities, had to be put in my name by the 8th of sept, $500.00 deposit to Mountian View electric, on the road, which our time frame to get to colorado springs, was sept 10th, mendy informed me the electri company shredded my $500.00 deposit. also mountain view charges $29.99 a month on top of your bill. when we arrived on sept 10th, i walked through the door, the place was dirty, beyond belief, the toilets had blood around the rim, the master tub, had huge holes, could not use, the front bath tub, was plugged up, cost us $200.00 to have a plumber, unplug it, there was a rag i the drain. | the nice refrigerator was not in the kitchen, it was taken by jen, a junk one was in kitchen, shelves held together by duck tape. there was rats, holes in walls, which only one was disclosed, the windows were damaged, had no screens, and wouldnt work | two warped windows in front bedrooms, the wall outlets was falling out. | we stayed there sept to jan, 4 months, we have since moved, oct 12,2014 we tried to renegotiate the contract, to get the windows and tub fixed, paying another$2500.00 in oct, we belived they were going to follow through, we met the owner, Dayton once, he is horrible, says not my problem, i asked dont u do inspections, there reply was no. after trying to work it out, we waited, the owner basically danced out of it, so monies payed was used for dec and jan rent, since sept and oct was already paid. mendys reply was the owner is relieved, and she said jen bttered herself,. what jerks, | do not buy from these people, rent to own | there is out of date homes not up to code, also well water, and they poison it by putting chemicals, chlorinator, and who knows what, i broke out in a rash, | Arrowhead mobile home park has been reported, on several avenues, | and they will pay. th owner lives in chino hills, calfornia | and has no sense of running a mobile home park, i have found several parks are rip offs, and cheat [people. this is not right |

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