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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against ArtificialAiming at on 06-Feb-15.


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Original Complaint against ArtificialAiming published at on 06-Feb-15 says, verbatim –

I paid 30 USD for a copy of Heroes and Generals cheat and had problems with disabling the patchguard. Consulted support and all i got was some guy asking me some questions like if i had antiviruses/firewalls etc and me being a total noob when it comes to windows (mac user). I had no antiviruses tbh, didn’t bothered to download any and i only had my windows firewall that allows almost everything through. So there he is asking me if i had both of em and me replying no as I’ve already tried disabling windows firewall and it still didnt work. Thats when he decided to tell me if i get some staff members to teamviewer me and if they found out that theres any antiviruses or firewalls, theres gonna be some s*** going on thus i told him about my windows firewall. Thats when he started being all sarcastic saying that i’ve lied and s*** like comeon you’re a god d*** tech support and i’m some customers asking for help and is that how you treat your customer? felt really disappointed as i”ve read several good reviews on AA. | As i was banned from the IRC support channel, I ranted at the lobby as his reason of banning me was ‘stop wasting my time, figure it out on your own’ as so, we debated a little on the lobby and before i could finish typing, he kicked and banned me out of the IRC channel and this time, the reason was ‘taking out the trash’ WTF. I feel god d*** cheated like what is this? Who treats their customers like this? Decideds to head over to AA and PM helios, consulting him on how to disable patch guard. finish typing the message, hits send, boom, 24 hours ban. Worst tech support ever. So guys, lets not ever put yourself in my situation and be aware of this site. |

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