Artistic Designs Contractor Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Artistic Designs Contractor at on 15-May-15.


Business Details –

  • Name: Artistic Designs Contractor
  • Address: 497 Jerusalem Avenue
  • City: Uniondale
  • State: New York
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (516) 505-0432
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Artistic Designs Contractor published at on 15-May-15 says, verbatim –

Beware of people at Home Depot, some are involved in schemes. I went to my local Home Depot in Freeport, NY seeking a door for my garage. I bought a steel garage door however had no contractor or person to install the door. The sales person at home depot gave someone by the name of Selwyn Williams my “home number”. Mr Williams called my home and told me he was a contractor and could install the steel door to my garage. I payed him to do the job and liked his work so I gave him another job to completely finish my basement. Mr Williams told me his daughter was a designer for kitchens at home depot. I asked if she could make a blueprint design of my basement ideas, he said she could and brought her to my house. | Mr Williams stated his daughter had obtained praise and reccommendations for her work at Home Depot. | She did my blueprint and was paid $100, however her measurements were off and inaccurate. If not for a person named “Mark” who worked in the kitchen cabinet department my kitchenette cabinets would have been the wrong size, also I would have ordered far more cabinets and countertop then needed or that I had the space to accomodate. | Mr Williams made a contract which I signed stating he would make a “custom basement” with a full bath, wet bar, new stairs, entertainment Center (in wall TV), bedroom, laundry area and storage room in 6-8 weeks for almost $20,000. Well the first week and second week he started out good and was ahead of the schedule. He did the framing and sheetrock and created the rooms. However when it came to the bathroom, he reniged and told me he could not put in the sump pump, he first told me he would hire an Electrician and create 15 outlets and 7 light switches and two dimmers. He never hired the Electrician amd didn’t put in that total it was less. He also advised me to purchase a $500 toilet “aerosis” he called it but it was a pressure assisted toilet which he has yet to install at 6 weeks. | He never installed my sink or faucet in the bathroom and did not grout the tiles. He kept making excuses and tryed to get me to purchase all the materials. He stained three doors without asking me which color I wanted and the doors looked so terrible he offered to buy three new doors and left them on the floor of my basement uninstalled. | My stairs were not even started and he removed the banister the steps are now unsafe for me and my family, not with standing the electrical he did was stated to be a fire hazard by an Electrican who I paid to review his work.It;s been six weeks of lies, $15, 000.00 was paid to him in three installments and my basement only is partially finished barely 50% . Needless to say he lied about his artitistic abilities he did not even show any skills except he covered some beams with wood colums that came out fairly nice. All in all I wished I had never met him and allowed him into my home. I believe he took full advantage of me and my family. |

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