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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Artistic General Contracting at on 25-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Artistic General Contracting
  • Address: 6790 New Tampa Highway, Suite 209
  • City: Lakeland
  • State: Bangladesh
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (863) 297-9661
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Artistic General Contracting published at on 25-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

To: General Public And Contractors, | I am a General Contractor, located in the greater Philadelphia, PA region. My company, Legacy Service USA LLC contracted several trades with Artistic General Contractors , located at 6790 New Tampa HWY, Sute 209 , Lakeland Florida 33806. | We contracted a job with Artistic at the Holiday Inn, located at 612 Station Rd, Grantville, PA which we started more than half a year ago. We were hired by their Superintendant, Vince Iannucci. At this point of the relation, Mr. Iannucci, I and other sub-contractors started having issues with pre-set time restraints. Additionally, Mr. Iannucci was continually asking all the subs if we knew other subs that could work at the hotel. This then turned into a ,,getting paid” problem for everyone. Painting contractor lost his business because of not getting paid, demolition contractoris in legal matter trying to get paid etc. | | Mr. Iannucci would findthe smallest things to complain about and turn them into sub non-compliant or breach of contract issues where the company, Artistic would hide behind the verbiage and take a stand telling us ,, let’s go to court and we’ll seewho wins”. Artistic’s superintendant, Mr. Iannucci claimed there was issues with the construction of an exterior parapet which now became their reason for non-payment. We did work/billed for over $ 30,000.00 and did not get payed for metal roofing installation, metal fabrication and installation, metal framing. All this did not have anything to do with parapets… As few months passed, the superintendant called me and said, ” that if We just showed up with equipment and men power he would have at least $ 10,000.00 check awaiting for us. Also for the record, as of July of 2013, Artistic has not paid one dollar towards any open invoices , totalling nearly $ 40,000.00 for work completed by December of 2012. Simply put.. they are thieves and intentionally trying not to pay anybody ( all trades has problems to get money from them). | In March, 2013 Legacy staged the job and I was promised a check for the $ 10,000.00 the same minute we will come to the site. When we mobilised and showed up for the work Vince Iannucci told me that the check was sent back to Artistic because they ,, thought” we were going to be there a day earlier. I told him we had two options: 1) Overnight the check and we would proceed as agreed; 2) Give us the truth as to why the check wassent back if it was even sent to begin with. Mr. Iannnucci says he will talk to the owner and call me back. He called me couple min. later and says ,, the owner is very busy and it may take a few days to get the check sighned”. !! Their resolution was come back and proceed with the work with no money or as they concluded in a business meeting at Artistic, ” They don’t think we can win if we go to court, that I should read my contract where all the odds are favorable to Artistic, that we would spend more money for an attourneys fees then they own us. It became clear that all previous excuses for no-payment were a scam. They intentionally were draging time and waiting for us to complete as much work as possible, try to make us work with promisse, treaten us etc. | Conclution: Beware!!! Artistic’s business practices are very unethical and they are not paying subs as agreed and they rely on going tocourt where all odds are in their favor thus using the contract as an escape in paying labor. That’s the worst company we delt with in 10 yrs. experience in construction industry. | Thank you

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