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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Arvixe, LLC at on 13-Dec-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Arvixe, LLC
  • Address: 7031 Koll Center Pkwy Ste 150
  • City: Pleasanton
  • State: Aruba
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: (707) 304-5520
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Arvixe, LLC published at on 13-Dec-14 says, verbatim –

ARIVIXE deliberately denied access to my domains and email accounts, due to their FRAUDULENT sales practices | I paid in advance for 2 years of UNLIMITED Hosting SERVICES with ARVIXE. After 1 year of service, in Oct 2014 I started receiving emails saying I was storing too much data on their servers (85GB of data is too much!!!! let alone for an UNLIMITED CONTRACT). They started sending me EMAILS THREATENING ME with disruption of service for USING THE SERVICE I PAID FOR! | I inquired why they were doing this, and their answer was an AUTOMATIC TEXT COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT. I then again received threats and again inquired. Again just automatic messages. I then informed them that I would be glad to move to another provider if they reimburse my future service fees which I paid in advance. AGAIN I RECEIVED PRE-RECORDED ANSWERS, NO ANSWER REGARDING REFUNDING MY FEES SO I COULD MOVE TO A PROVIDER WHO WILL ACTUALLY RENDER THE SERVICES YOU PAY FOR. | Last week I received a direct THREAT FROM A PATRICK STEIN FROM THEIR QUALITY ASSURANCE TEAM saying they would simply block and suspend my account out of nowhere. The best part is that if THEY ABUSE YOU, you are supposed to write to their QUALITY ASSURANCE WHICH IS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT YOU. I advised him that this was illegal and that I would take legal action against them for what they were doing, including suing them for the damages caused to me by disruption of the service. | He simply BLOCKED ALL ACCESS to ALL of the services I PAID FOR. and then in their email they inform that I have access to cpanel and ftp, THEY HOWEVER BLOCKED IT AS WELL. My email account does not work for 3 days now, and the damages caused to me are countless. You have no idea what it is to be defrauded like this, to have your communications taken away from you as if it was nothing, as they could not care less, so PLEASE NEVER EVEN THINK ABOUT CONTRACTING ARVIXE, YOU WILL REGRET DEEPLY. | I demanded that they release my domains so I can move to another provider and restore my service. THEY HOWEVER CHOSE TO AGAIN THREATEN ME, AND ILLEGALLY CONFISCATE MY ACCESS TO MY DATA, AND ILLEGALLY TAKE POSSESSION OF MY DOMAINS, WHICH ARE PAID BY ME AND MY PROPERTY. This time the THREAT CAME TODAY FROM A CHRIS WORLEY WHO THREATED ME WITH THEIR LEGAL DEPARTMENT. | Please write down the names because you need to know who will THREATEN YOU AND DESTROY YOUR LIFE IF YOU EVER MAKE THE BAD DECISION OF LETTING ARVIXE INTO YOUR LIFE. Next step I am preparing with my Attorney to sue them, because they REFUSE to Release my domains after all the losses they already caused me. | This Company has the MINIMUM obligation to: | – REFUND my fees for all future services THEY WILL NO LONGER RENDER | – RELEASE my domains so they can be taken over by my new service provider | – RETURN all my data to me including my EMAILS WHICH ARE PROPRIETARY AND ILLEGAL FOR THEM TO HOLD | – APOLOGIZE FOR THEIR SHEER FRAUD AGAINST ME, AND THEIR ILLEGAL ACTIONS | I want NO FURTHER CONTACT WITH THIS COMPANY EVER IN MY LIFE, all I want now is them to pay for what they did to me! STAY AWAY, DO NOT LET THEM WRECK YOUR LIFE AS WELL. THIS IS A SCAM, THIS COMPANY HAS NO SCRUPULOUS AND WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY IN ADVANCE SO YOU CANNOT GET YOUR MONEY BACK AFTERWARDS, THEN THEY WILL TAKE POSSESSION OF YOUR LIFE AND DESTROY IT AS IF IT WAS NOTHING. | ANDREI QUINTAN

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