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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against ASAP Water Ltd at on 27-Sep-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: ASAP Water Ltd
  • Address: 620 Alden Rd
  • City: Markham
  • State: France, Metropolitan
  • Country: Canada
  • Phone: 905-470-2111
  • Website:


Original Complaint against ASAP Water Ltd published at on 27-Sep-14 says, verbatim –

A great opportunity came along for a job, job posting sorta went like hiring for warehouse,sales,manager positions, so was like why not lets apply. | Got a call back, told to come to an interview and pretty much got the job on the spot and was told to start the next day. Was a little fishy as to how quickly i got it, and for a position that claimed to pay a few thousand a month, was pretty excited. Thought I would be helping market/sell a product that would help peoples lives and so on and so forth. | Then a Tuesday came along, and was excited to see how everything would work, showed up early as I was told, and there was about 12 of us waiting outside, some people had waited more then 30-40 minutes outside as whoever was to supposed to let us in, was not there yet and then she showed up, apologized and things were pretty good so far, so this is were the fun started. | Our trainer, her name was Karen, and seemed really legit at the time, told us how successful she was at the business and how we will be the same if we put in the same amount of effort. First day was spent talking about the the water purifier system which sells for 6495+taxes if you pick up the product. | In order to pick up the product they would send us on leads they would acquire somehow (more to come later) and we could go spend about two hours following a very very scripted sales tactic. We would tell these unsuspecting people that what we are selling will change their lives, and their children’s lives, etc. The product itself seems pretty good, just very overpriced, you could go out and buy something similar for nearly half the price. For anyone it is a 7 Stage Drinking Water Station, manufactured in Woodbridge Ont, who knows where the parts came from though. | By the end of the day we met with the owner Adam Brown. He gave us a backstory which I know think was filled with lies and how he worked very hard to get where he is, I bet it is hard work getting unsuspecting people to buy these systems and where he came from in Alberta, was part of a company which sold “Air Purifiers” for $2000-$3000, what the normal person would call a vacuum. If anyone wants to do more research look up Tri-Star Enterprise, David Gold, simple google search. Along with that the whole parent company of this is Simply H20 located in Woodbridge and who’s parent company is called Waterworld. | So the suspicions started, stories between Adam and our trainer Karen started having loopholes, we were told about a little girl that was treated for Eczema, but later Adam let it slip that it was some lady, multiple people in the training session noticed the inconsistencies. Few people left, and by the Friday of the week, came the time to sign the contracts. | For such an important legally binding process, especially since everyone was to be an independent contractor, we were almost forced to all sign them all “in order to get them out of the way as quickly as possible”, with this the group felt very skeptical, so we decided to go through it, part by part. (Copy of Contract Available upon request) | For one, one of the parts still had the GST option, in Ontario we switched to HST over three years ago, so that seemed really unprofessional, so instead of printing out new copies we were told to cross it out and put HST. Then there was a clause that said commissions of sales could be changed at any given time, at the company’s discretions, even though Karen tried to tell us that it was there to protect us, it was in fact the ability for the company to do as they please with the money we were supposed to get paid, through a few minutes of talking she told us to add another clause in pen to say if both parties consented, again really unprofessional. After about two hours of going through the contract, Karen slipped up and said how this was a waste of time, quickly corrected herself before anyone could notice. (Voice Recording of the entire meeting available including the statement that said this was a waste of time. Ontario needs only one part to consent to voice recording) How could having a contract that is out dated and doesn’t protect you a waste of time. | She also said we were the first group to have issues with the contract, which just showed that previous hires were duped into signing a contract that was out dated and in fact gave the ability to pay them nearly nothing. So that showed very highly of the standards of the company that allowed 8-12 prospective new employees to just mark up a legally binding document like that. | All in all it was a waste of a few days, learned nothing, except how to sell something to someone following a very specific script. I have to say the product itself is great, but not for 6495. They offer five years of “natural soap products” which is a lie, as these products are filled with chemicals, and will probably not last you five years, but guess what they offer them if you buy a whole home system and value it at nearly $5200!! As well you will get some metal water bottles, four of them at guess what, valued at $180. | So to anyone thinking of taking this job, consider what I wrote, maybe the contract will be changed by the time the next group comes along, would make sense, but the little lies, and inconsistencies with the stories, and these “free” things they would give with your purchase, which aren’t really free, are just downright insulting. | I would not be able to sleep with myself knowing I ripped off an unsuspecting customer, which if they did their research could find a similar product without the markup. Nothing against the product again, just against the sales tactics and how they recruit people with false promises, and anytime an issue came up, response was “we will deal with it later”, well any prospective people looking for a job, just avoid the troubles and wasting time and find something better. |

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