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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against ASCHMOUN GROUP at on 04-Jun-15.


Business Details –

  • Address: 368 Bloor Street E
  • City: Toronto, Ontario
  • State:
  • Country: Canada
  • Phone: 1-800-663-4444
  • Website:


Original Complaint against ASCHMOUN GROUP published at on 04-Jun-15 says, verbatim –

Aschmoun UK Limited via CEO Antoine Chmouni | Also: Promethues Capital Group via Willaim Pinzler, Carl Brunner and Alberto Arce | Aschmoun UK Limited backed by CEO Antoine Chmouni has been in the process of capitalizing on outside participants capital and work with the promise to fund large projects (hundreds of millions, if not billions). In this case utilizing Prometheus Capital Group as “agent” to supposedly receive 750 Million Dollars first from JP Morgan, then from Bank of America! He has been continuing this effort since 2009 and engaged with Promethues since 2010 utilizing thier name and the names of institutions to pursuade hard working individuals and companies to put up monies and hard work with never any repayment in due course. | First it is said that Prometheus acquired leased cash back MTN’s to act as collateral and further collateralized by Russian Sberbank and Sviazbank by producing oil fields (As Aschmoun claims to have rights to over 1100 oil fields), then utilizing these MTN’s to receive approximately 750 Million Dollars. | Then it was said that Credit Suisse would provide a bridge loan in the amount of 75 Million Dollars, which now Aschmoun and Mr. Antoine Chmouni claim that Prometheus and its officers stole and placed with a company in Mexico that claims to be run by Cartel and never to see the money again. | It has now been many, many years and neither Mr. Chmouni or Aschmoun or Prometheus have performed as Prometheus has control over this “portfolio” of assets, still, after they stole multi millions of dollars?? No Answers, No Real Clarity??? For the past 3 to 4 years Aschmoun has stated that it had to help Prometheus from filing bankruptcy, the accounts were wrong, in compliance, credit committee meeting every week, needed another document, needs more money to get to NY, needs money to hire attorney in NY but if he or his attorney was only in NY then the monies would be available tomorrow. We have heard all the excuses in the book regarding why Antoine Chmouni, Aschmoun UK Limited, Prometheus, William Pinzler the attorney for Prometheus, Carl Brunner, Alberto Arce etc., have all not performed. It is incredible to believe that heartless people can steal from the hard working to provide lives for thier family without ever the intention to repay. This is the case, it has been the case we have been living for almost a decade. Most involved do not say a word in hopes they will recoup the monies so easily swindled out of. | It is now 5 years after Bank of America supposedly took over the loan from JP Morgan, before that was 2 years of this nonsense. This company Aschmoun, its principal Antoine Chmouni, Prometheus Capital Group or any of the names in the message cannot deny they have intentionally maimed the lives of hundreds, put families on the street, created the loss of secure jobs, promised the world to hard working individuals and growth to companies whom prepared for years, STILL NO CAPITAL!!!! 5 YEARS!!! Un heard of!! | I ask if you have been a victim of these parties then you should post to this report or your own. It is enough! And important that the world know what these parties have done and what they are doing to so negatively damper and play with lives of good people. I have contacted the proper authorities with all relevant information so please check from time to time on the web of published information.

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