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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Ashley Furniture at on 17-Nov-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Ashley Furniture
  • Address: One Ashley Way
  • City: Arcadia
  • State: California
  • Country: United States
  • Phone: 608.323.3377
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Ashley Furniture published at on 17-Nov-14 says, verbatim –

The following letter is being sent to Snchrony Financial, but explains the issue with Ashley in great detail. | To: Synchrony Financial November 16, 2014 | P.O. Box 965035 | Orlando, FL 32896 | From: Daniel Cannon | Regarding: Ashley Furniture Home Store | Credit Acct # Ending In 3609 | To Whom It May Concern, | In spite of my attempts to cancel the above referenced account, your organization, along with Ashley Furniture Homestores, are attempting to harass and extort monies from my family and I. I intend to pursue any legal means possible if this is not corrected immediately. | On Saturday, November 1st, my wife and I placed an order with Ashley for Furniture and related items (including tax) totaling $6321.46. At the time we were hesitant, and asked for copies of all related paperwork from Aaron at Ashley. I even asked for promissory paperwork, including signed cancellation policies. Both are attached. | On Sunday, November 2nd, my wife and I returned to the same location, and cancelled the entire order. In spite of their protests, we demanded something in writing, including a sign off from the store manager (part of the reason we chose to cancel was the very poor reports on the internet regarding Ashley Furniture….hence, our insistence on having everything in writing). The cancellation sign off is also attached. Signed sealed and entirely cancelled, right? | When we placed this order, we signed up for the 5-years same as cash through Synchrony bank. Because of Ashley Furniture’s reputation as a semi-fraudulent (at worst), or completely incompetent (at best) company, we called Synchrony Bank on Monday morning, November 3rd, to make SURE the account was clear, and we asked that it be CANCELLED immediately, if not entirely disregarded. We were assured it would be cancelled, and never charged a single penny. | On, or about, November 6th, a Federal Express delivery notification was left on our door. It did not state who the package was from. We signed it without regard to sender. It was delivered shortly thereafter. Our youngest son took it in our home and opened it. According to our son, It had NOTHING stating it was from Ashley Furniture. He thought it was from Haverty’s (who we DID end up placing a much smaller order with). Nevertheless, we deduced it was from Ashley, since we had not ordered the same from Haverty’s. We wrapped the rug back up for return. | In the next day or so, before I even had a chance to call Ashley, I received an Automated call from Ashley stating that “our furniture” (the entire $6321.46 load) was ready for delivery. I called the 800 number and advised them the order had been immediately cancelled, and that we would return the rug. They said the rug came from a third party, and would need to be returned to same. They would issue a return authorization. | For the last week, we have continued to receive harassing calls from Ashley Furniture. Up to 8 CALLS A DAY each (my wife and I) trying to deliver the entire load of furniture. We have tried calling both the local store, and the 800#. We have talked to Ricky, Tam and Terry at the store. All have assured us this issue would be taken care of. The calls have continued many times per day. Yesterday (November 15th), my wife called the store and became very vocal with the Store Manager here in Murfreesboro (Terry). He yelled at my wife and stated “he did all HE could do”. She hung up on him. | Today, Sunday November 16th, I received notification, via Creditkarma that a new account has been added to my credit report. Low and behold, it is Synchrony Bank/Ashley Furniture. After logging in, I realized that, not only was the account left opened, but I have now been charged $329.24 (note the attached web page printout). | Neither company has the right to work in collusion against my family’s best interests. I followed all of Ashley Furniture’s “rules” for cancellation (in spite of how intentionally they are set against the consumer). I called your financial institution IMMEDIATELY to make sure nothing was left opened. I consider this a failure on the part of Synchrony. All monies need to be CREDITED, AND THE CREDIT ACCOUNT CLOSED IMMEDIATELY. You, Synchrony Financial, have a responsibility TO THE CONSUMER. WE are the ones who use your services. WE are the ones who pay your fees. This is a conspiracy to commit extortion, and I intend to pursue it as such if nothing is done. I expect a response immediately. | It is up to Ashely Furniture to properly CANCEL orders and pick up improperly shipped items. You owe NOTHING to this incompetent organization. You owe ME, your CUSTOMER, a proper response and an apology. It is Sunday morning. I should be spending this time with my FAMILY. Instead, here I am considering legal options. Very sad indeed. | With Great Disgust, | Daniel Cannon | NOTE: I would like to attach all documents, but the Ripoffreportwebsite seems to be having a problem

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