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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Asia Pacific Investment Management at on 29-Jul-14.


Business Details –

  • Name: Asia Pacific Investment Management
  • Address: 27B Nathan Road
  • City: Kowloon
  • State:
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Phone: 852 8191 3867
  • Website:


Original Complaint against Asia Pacific Investment Management published at on 29-Jul-14 says, verbatim –

I believe to be SECRUTITIES FRAUD, LOAN FRAUD, WIRE FRAUD and DOCUMENTATION FRAUD. | I was sent an e-mail advertising a loan so I sent in my project by Al Nowais Capital Parnters 973-1619 5088 ext 222, I received an e-mail on 4-2-14 with the application. It looked like a normal loan packet for this type of deal. This was for debt and equity. They sent me an e-mail asking me to send 800.00 to their attorney in London for a background check. I said no because I couldn’t find the address. They contacted me a few months later telling me that they liked the project and were waving the background check. They sent me the closing docs which included stock in their company (3-3-14) which was monetized to fetch a low LTV, then they asked for an Insurance Bond, kind of like mortgage insurance. They sent the invoice 60,200.77 (3-25-14). I argued that they said they would not charge any fees so they offered to split that with me. I asked for a copy of their wire and they sent it to me so I sent in my half (wire confirmation from their bank included here). They kept telling me that we would close but they were having technical issues. Then they went from | Asia Pacific Investment Management Adi Susanto and Eric Wong 852-8191-3867 Eric Wong’s cell phone is 852-8190-5184 you can tell the other number is voice over internet or skype. The cell phone is a real line. | Eric Wong | Chief Investment Officer | Asia Pacific Investment Management | Tel: +852 8191 3867 Ext: 019 cell: 852-8190-5184 | Fax: +852 8191 3463 | E-mail: [email protected] Personal e-mail address: [email protected] | Web: | 27B Nathan Road Kowloon, Hong Kong | Adi Susanto | Fund Administration Officer | Asia Pacific Investment Management | Tel: +852 8191 3867 Ext: 051 and +85281905184 | Fax: +852 8191 3463 | E-mail: [email protected] | Web: | 27B Nathan Road Kowloon, Hong Kong | MS RANEEM CHAOUL (PH.D) | (Chief Corporate Communication Officer) | Al Nowais Capital Partners | Phone : :+973 1619 5088 ext: 237 | Fax: :+973 1619 5088 | E-mail: [email protected] | | | SEIF M. SHARBATLY | (Chief Investment Strategy Officer) | Al Nowais Capital Partners | Phone : :+973 1619 5088 ext: 222 | Fax: :+973 1619 5088 | E-mail: [email protected] | | Nasif Bldg, Blk C Road 227, Manama | Kingdom of Bahrain | MUKHTAR EL FAYED. (the real person is AL FAYED, this is a look alike) | (Founder, Chief Executive Director at Al Nowais Capital Partners) | Al Nowais Capital Partners | Phone : :+973 1619 5088 ext: 211 | Fax: :+973 1619 5088 | E-mail: [email protected] | | Adi Susanto | Fund Administration Officer | Asia Pacific Investment Management | Tel: +852 8191 3867 Ext: 051 | Fax: +852 8191 3463 | E-mail: [email protected] | Web: | 27B Nathan Road Kowloon, Hong Kong | I sent the wire four times to different banks, banks won’t accept wires with bad wire information and we thought that’s what it was according to the reasons my bank (wells fargo) gave me. | Their Banking Information (6 Bank Accounts) | The first wire was to 3-28-2014 to swift code: HSBCMOMX Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corpo,to Sharp Control Limited account 001426048152 It came back. | The second one was on 4-1-14 swift code: HSBCHKHHHKH to Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corpo to Neli INT> Limited account # 652336637838, it came back so I sent it again without the reference number they told me to use, according to their bank that was the problem. It came back a third time, that one was done on 4-3-14. | The last one did go through on 4-9-14 to Fasty Corporation Limited account# 363518895883 swift code: HASEHKHH to Hang Seng Bank Limited. All these banks are in Hong Kong. I then was strung along by Asia pacific Investmenr Management for three weeks so they moved my closing to the THE BANK OF DALIAN HEDGE FUNDS. | The information for the wire that Al Nowais supposedly sent to Sharp Control for their half of the payment of the Performance Bond: | From: DoNotReply.WireConfirmationsNBB | Date: March 26, 2014 at 10:06:56 AM | To: | Subject: NBB Debit Wire Confirmation #secure# 2017030700004946 | Treasury Management Client Support | 700-794-8159 (option 1, then option 1) | ________________________________________ | DEBIT CONFIRMATION | ________________________________________ | Transaction Reference Number: 2017030700004946 | Value Date: 26/03/2014 | Account Number: 0000152906935 | Account Name: AL NOWAIS CAPITAL PARTNERS | Reference Number: | Transaction Posting Time: 2014/03/26 10:04:17 | ________________________________________ | Amount: 30,100.39 Currency: US DOLLAR | ________________________________________ | Debit Party Information: D/0000152906935/ | AL NOWAIS CAPITAL PARTNERS | NASIF BUILDING, BLOCK C ROAD 227 | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN | Sending Bank Information: B/2060718C | NBB BAHRAIN | NB36779 | I-20140307-47 | Sender’s Reference: 2074000000054419 | Originating Party Information: /0000152906935 | AL NOWAIS CAPITAL PARTNERS | NASIF BUILDING, BLOCK C ROAD 227 | KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN | Bank to Bank Information: /REC/BWPBD | Credit Party Information: NBB/107:5121601118772/ | | Beneficiary Bank Information: S/ HSBCMOMXXX | HSBC LIMITED | 639 AVENIDA DA PRAIA GRAND MACAU | Originator to Beneficiary Information: /363520321883 | SHARP CONTROL LIMITED | 7/F, CAMBRIDGE HOUSE, 979 KING’S ROAD | QUARRY BAY HONG KONG | This is the last bank account I have. It was sent to me for the second project I submitted. | BANK NAME: HANG SENG BANK LTD | BANK ADDRESS: 83, DES VOEUX ROAD, CENTRAL HONG KONG | BANK SWIFT CODE: HASEHKHH | ACCOUNT NUMBER: 364-336016-883 | ACCOUNT NAME: DICOM INT LIMITED | FPIB AMOUNT: $75,785.00 USD | REFERENCE: WEST TEXAS PERMIAN BASIN | | Bank Name: HANGSENG BANK LTD | Bank Address: 83 DES VOEUX ROAD, CENTRAL HONG KONG | SWIFT CODE: HASEHKHH | BENEFICIARY: IMOTOPRO GLOBAL LIMITED | ACCOUNT NO: 364-314005-883 (This is the final bank to receive funds and they receive the largest amounts) | I followed the instructions and a download bar indicated that the transaction was successful but never funded to my bank here. I called and they told me they would investigate. The next day I received a letter stating that the correspondent bank froze the funds and I need to fill out paperwork and pay a tax of 198,768.82 I told them I didn’t have it and reminded Seif at Al Nowais Capital Partners that they said there would be no more fees, again they offered to pay half which is what worked for them on the bond. I realize at this point that it may be a scam and a very elaborate scam. It’s too bad their efforts were not real as they would have been very good had they had real investors. | They have an inside man at the Bank of Dalian: MR. Chao Xing Dewei [email protected] +86 755 8624 3858 The .com is relevant to the bank but the instructions for MY account is a .SS | The ESCROW ACCOUNT assigned to me had me sign in to transfer funds downloaded and said the transfer was complete but the funds never came. I went back into the account to see if the ballance was zero and it was not. It was a fake. | They tout themselves as asset management with wealthy Sadie Arabian investors. If you Google the names of the ‘investors’ who signed the forms (included) you will see that they are look a likes. They have slight spelling discrepancies and are probably not those real people. | There is another project I sent in that they approved also. | I recently told them that I was out of the second project that I sent to them, invoice for over 75k. I told them that the partner may still be interested but they would either have to fund my project or refund the 30,100. So the partner would know they are real investors. I told them I didn’t have the funds to pay the Tax they are demanding. I haven’t heard from them since. It’s been over 24 hrs. | | I get lots of these offers but the documentation they sent and required for the loan seamed very legit. | They say they are sending a CPA and Attorney out to me on 5-28-14. I don’t know, maybe they have someone in the states they are sending. |

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