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  • Name: Beau Crabill
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  • Reported Loss: 1500 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


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I am a college student and studying about digital marketing. Although I have leaned a lot about the strategies and way to promote business online through various tips and tricks, I was really intrigued after looking at the success rate of Beau Crabill. The internet talks a lot of good things about this guy and who else won’t like to be a part of this craze game.When I enrolled and signed up for his course, I was too excited as I really wanted to learn things his way. Disappointing it is when you know that the reason you paid for something does not even exist. I may be disheartening a lot of other guys like me who would have been looking up to Beau for making their life stable financially, but I cannot run away from truth.Beau Crabill is a guy who would do anything to make money. That means, he can even fool people around if he wishes to make more money. And, this is what this course is all about. If there is anything that this course offers then it’s a lesson to beware of Beau and all his courses.I am not telling you that his tricks did not work for him. It may have and I have no right to talk about his profits that he may have made through selling bog brands on Amazon. However, when it comes to the course, I found nothing exciting and no tricks were enough to make someone master the art of selling.You may have heard this before: Art of selling is something that comes from within and no one can make you master that art.I do not agree completely with this saying. Art of selling could be learned too but not the way it has been painted by Beau. It is completely a scam and nothing else. He just wants to make some more money by fooling people around. Or maybe, his tricks aren’t working for him anymore. Anything can be possible. But, this course working for anyone would be a lame lie. I have gone through so many examples and testimonials and tests in my college and have learned a lot about this niche. When I came across this course, I though I would be able to learn a lot more than I have been taught in my classes. However, the course does not even touch the first semester skills. It is completely lame and filled with unrealistic numbers.You can try it for yourself but ultimately you will be losing your money and time. The course includes various sections from introduction to customer acquisition to managing relationship with suppliers and much more. However, all these headings are empty and full of crap.I was a great fan of Beau and after learning that he could make it so big in such a young age, I could not stop thinking about it. I felt as if I was just next person to become such successful. And, he broke my trust. When I spoke with him before joining the course, he told me that I could make real money through the steps included in the course. But, he lied to me.It is not that I have not tried what he taught me. I have gone through every section very carefully and have focused on learning what he has tried to show. I blindly believed in everything that he said without worrying about the basic nature of the course. Being a student and have learned a lot of good and new technologies related to digital marketing, I could have ignored the course by Beau right away. But, I stayed till end and tried the strategies for a year before coming to a conclusion that the course is nothing but a way to fill his own pockets.Others may not be able to understand the problem with the course and may curse themselves for their failure. To all those, I would like to say that the problem is in the course and not those people. This course is designed only to benefit Beau Crabill.If I am not wrong, I feel that the reviews on the internet posted about the course are all tampered. These people have been paid to promote this guy. Otherwise, I do not think anyone would ever write such good things about the course if tried.I was taken aback when I realized that all these months, I have been just killing my time. It was somewhere written that the course is for someone who is serious and patient. I had both the qualities but the course did not work for me either. I am sure that my reviews would be deleted if I at all tried to post it on Beau’s website. So, I am writing this on other websites that may help me and many others from getting their answers back.Beau told me that he guarantees the success of the course and if I could not make anything out of it, he would pay me back. But, he denied to do so after months of trying. I called him and he rejected my calls. I emailed him and he blocked my mails. So, he got away with this.But I am also stubborn. I will make sure that his doings are heard and understood by everyone. Those who have not invested in his course must not do it anyway. This guy is a scammer and a fraud. He is nothing more than a con artist. His course only claims but does nothing. I am completely disappointed in him.Because of him, I am not going to trust any online course that claims such success. This guy should not be believed. Do not ever pay for this course. I am sure Amazon must have some certified course for those wanting to become a seller on their website. Why not choose that?


Beau Crabill

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