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Business Details –

  • Name: Behavioral Rehabilitation Services
  • Address: West Mannsiding Road
  • City: Harrison
  • State: MI
  • Phone: +1 888-982-0865
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 18000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Behavioral Rehabilitation Services published at says, verbatim –


I was among those who get fooled by the fake advertisements and companies like Behavioral Rehabilitation Services are making a lot of money by spending nuts on these fake ads. When I checked their online reviews, I found a lot of things that were not available when I got there.They have talked about pool, reading rooms, mini theatres and much more. However, there is not proper management and the staff to take care of the patients and the center.If you would look at their never-ending praises that they have posted, mostly by themselves, you will not think twice before joining them. I did the same and got into this mess.I was a beer addict and I decided to give away that habit for good. However, I needed to come out clean and for the same reasons, I decided to join a rehab center.When trying to find the right option, I came across this place on internet. The center looked great as per the reviews.Apart from one or two negative ones, they were all written with golden ink. It seemed like a place that every addict would expect.When I called them to verify the details, they were very much affirmative about the facilities that they provided. I visited their office to consult about the packages.They provided me few options. I wish, I could have done some more research. They were all fake and they mastered in telling lies.After the meeting with the office in charge, I signed up for a 15 days package. I was admitted the very next day.When I reached, I asked if I could get pass of the detox session. I even went clear and blew a 0 in a breathalyzer test.But, they insisted for the detox session for atleast 24 hours and said that it was a standard way of starting and they needed to check for the withdrawal symptoms.I was kept isolated in a room for three days. I never showed withdrawal symptoms, but they increased my time from 24 hours to three days.It was frustrating. The rooms were empty with one bed for one person and there was nothing to do.I spent the days looking at the ceiling and listening to my own breath. We were not allowed to talk much without any reason.Few of the members were abusive and behaved like jerks. When I was into the detox center, one staff scolded my roommate as if he was three-year-old child.One staff even misbehaved with a female patient by offering her massage after her regular denials.I even companied about him to the facility in charge, but they left him with a warning. He continued to misbehave with her and other members, especially me.But, no one cared about doing anything else. Later, when I checked out of the rehab, I found that they had charged a lot of money for the detox session from my insurance company.That was the time, I realized how crooked these people are.After, I came out of the detox center, I was put into the common room. This was even worse. It was overcrowded. There is no such thing called “wow experience” in this center.The meal was never cooked properly. Staffs were irresponsible and did not care much about our questions.When I came out of the detox center, I asked one of the members about the scientology that they advertise on the internet like many other centers of Per Wickstrom.There were few more patients who wanted an explanation on the same question.However, we were told to get to the bed early instead of creating a scene. This made us even more puzzled about the genuineness of the center.One more thing that I noticed about the staffs was, they did not know much about the center themselves.The reason was, none of them stayed for more than just few months. The attrition rate was too high at the center and the staffs were not given proper training.Whenever I asked any question, I was asked to consult some other member. The turnover rate was too high, and they were not interested in doing anything for the same.I had many questions as some said that the phones were allowed for an hour every day from 8:30pm to 9:30pm and some said it was not allowed at all.I was having trouble talking to my family and friends. The waiting line sometimes was very long and till the time my turn would come, the calling time was over.This went for few days. I was finally able to talk to them for once during my stay. Later, I spoke them when I needed to get out.The problem doesn’t end here. The people at Behavioral rehab services did not give a damn about anything.They keep ignoring our requests all the time. I was told that my package included one on one consulting sessions with the therapist, three days a week.I was going to stay for 15 days. So, my total sessions would have come to at least 6 days. But, I spent 3 days in detox center and then 3 days in the common room.I was made to sit for one group session in those three days and there were no personal sessions provided. For the same reasons, I tried to question the management.But, they asked me to stay quiet and attend the sessions as per their plans. The group sessions were pathetic and had nothing much to learn from.It was all I did not give up. So, they said that the therapist who takes personal session was out of town and he would be coming few days later. It fumed me from within and I decided to leave.I asked for an early check out. They said that it would take a day or two. The claims were already made, and they denied from refunding any amount.When I checked the bills, I was shocked to see that they had changed me for personal sessions as well.I checked with the accountant and he informed that the bills were prepared in advance on the day I joined.So, there was nothing much they could do. He tried to be nice, but I knew that it was all pre-planned. I checked with few more patients at the rehab and they had the same story.Like other centers of Per Wickstrom, this one is also set to fool people and the insurance companies.I got discharge from the center after three days of initiating the request. Does this take so long? They got me in the other day.On top of that, I never got my personal sessions scheduled within that time as well. On repeated request, they asked me to consult them after a week.They said that they would arrange one session which I could attend after I left. However, I denied. They were trying to mend their mistakes by asking me to settle for less.I had seen enough to believe on anything that they said. So, I decided not to get into their trap any further. I was sure that they would charge me for the free session as well.I left the center and never looked back. I checked in with another facility and the services were awesome. There are many center which offer great services and Behavioral rehab services is not even close to those great center.If you love your family member and want good for them, never send them to this hell. I spend $18000 while I was there and never for a minute, I felt content.This is not a rehab center but a place to make money by scamming insurance companies and playing with patient’s emotions.Make no mistake by joining this center which is filled with liars. If you are expecting lake, pond, stream, river or any water body, think again before joining.The pictures are only to attract clients. The facility is good for nothing. I was given thousands of excuses but never a concrete solution to a problem.No one at the center intend to provide any solution. They are doing their duty by visiting the center at their work hours. If anything, else they do, then its abusing people and cursing them.They will treat you like untouchables. Run away if you can and never let anyone whom you love, come any closer to this facility.


Behavioral Rehabilitation Services

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