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  • Website: http://BERRYLOOK.COM
  • Reported Loss: 4000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


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I ordered from one and a half months back. I ordered more 7 dresses. However, the first package I received after one month which had two dresses in it. The second package was received after further 15 days of the receipt of the first package. It had two dresses. I am still waiting for the third package. I am not sure how many items would be there.This was about the service the company is providing which is without saying goes as pathetic. Talking about the quality of the products, the company lacks every good side. The clothes are transparent and are selected without any considerations. How can someone wear these outside when everything is clear and transparent.The designs look like as if made for the Halloween party. These dresses are not tailored made as they advertise on the website. These people are scamming people and are sending us items that we would never choose if shown offline.The pictures on the website are very beautiful but none of the dress fit as per the size description. Moreover, the reviews on the website is fake and these surely are tailored made. Apart from the website, which I did not look before, the reviews are terrifying. I wish I had checked those before ordering from this website.I was given wrong perception of the items through their website which sure is a crime. Moving on, I shipped back all the items from the first two packages to this company. I also have the confirmation from the USPS. However, these people are denying the receipt of these items and are not ready to process my refund.This is highly unprofessional and wrong. These people are ruining our trust in ecommerce businesses. I have been scammed and it is pretty clear from the way they are handling my request. I am sure that they would be sending the third package with the same quality and design which I will be sending them back ultimately.And, I am not sure how long they would take to process the refund. Or if, they would ever process the refund. I am trying through email and phone communication to get my money back. However, as they are used to this kind of fraud, I am dicey if I would get my money back.If you are reading this complaint, you must have understood how painful it is to order with this company. I would insist not to do it ever.I am also going to report this company with BBB soon. I will see that I receive the justice, by hook or by crook. These people should be punished for scamming innocent people online. Their website must be shut soon or else they would be taking advantage of all its customers.This is a shame and I will be reporting this website everywhere I could. I would spread the word as they are the worst online selling platform.

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