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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Beyond Breakeven at


Business Details –

  • Name: Beyond Breakeven
  • Address: Stirrup Road
  • City: Borrego Springs
  • State: CA
  • Phone: +1813-977-7071
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 5000 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Beyond Breakeven published at says, verbatim –


I wanted to buy a business sometimes back and consulted Beyond Breakeven to help me with the deal. I was denied the financing, so I had to pay them $5000 to continue the deal. Ed who was supposed to be making thing easier for me, promised that I will not have to pay a penny out of my pocket. This was a complete lie.Things went fine for few days. But, then one fine day, Ed had an argument with the broker who had listed the business and that broker denied any further communication with Ed. When the broker told me about Ed’s incompetency, I was shocked to hear that. When the broker asked Ed about the letter of Intent to start the deal, he refused to the idea. Later, when the broker insisted, he sent him some template from internet without bothering to make changes to the document.While I was sitting beside him, he talked to a lady and started saying things that wasn’t true. He said that he can get her more than 10,000 connections on LinkedIn and when I checked his profile, he wasn’t even close to 100.After three months of continuous followups, Ed came up with three documents of proposal to buy the business. The broker refused to accept any of them as he had never seen such documents before. The broker accepted that Ed was not the right person for making the deal and he would not be able to continue any further. Ed suggested that I should check for other options as the broker was stupid and stubborn.He was not ready to refund the fee and asked me to think of something that I would like to do. I told him that he just screwed up the deal that I wanted to do. But, he did not care. Candace had the same problem. She was rude to me after making mistakes. She sent me documents by typing the incorrect email id. When I asked about it, she started heating up. Later, when she understood her mistakes, she sent them again.There were many mistakes done by them and I had to pay for it. After thinking for some time, I called Ed and told him about a new plan that I wanted to start. He asked me to inform him whenever I was ready. When I called Candace after a week, she refused to take the responsibility and said that the contract was over. But, we still had 60 days to reach the one-year timeline.At the end, I was sent a business plan and a strategic Funding plan. When I looked at the documents, I knew that I won’t be proceeding further with them. The documents were worthless and most of the part was copy and paste of the emails I sent to Candace.They asked me to call if I needed any assistance. I knew I was done with them. I was not going to waste my time on these fools after looking at what they had to offer. Beyond Breakeven is a scam and you should stay away from Ed and Candace.


Beyond Breakeven

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