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Subject: Bad Hair transplant results Clinic: Byhairclinic, Turkey Date of operation: 02/01/2017 Number of grafts (according to certificate and oral testimony): 4500 Operation Cost: 1800 USDAt first, I was suffering genetic baldness and I had a hair transplant at Byhairclinic on the above mentioned date.Before and during the process: I decided to do hair transplant after seeing pictures of other patients displayed on the website, Instagram and asking medical coordinators about the care you will receive and they confirm that the same specialist is picking the grafts “turned out to be nothing more than propaganda” with the guarantee of highest density and a certificate of intact grafts, I traveled to turkey, Bilgehan Yildirim was in the reception and then to the cashier for payment “without any hair status analysis, diagnosis or check the density like every professional doctor do. The clinic was a small room where there was and an old harvesting device used. The nurse intended to start picking grafts but I asked for medical coordinator or the interpreter, I explained to him that this was not the agreement as the specialist supposed to pick the grafts, he ignored that and said the nurse has experience and I don’t have to worry!!After the operation: I was very careful in my movement and sleep very carefully and followed the instructions thoroughly after the experience that I went through and to ensure that I don’t do any thing that may negatively impact the results and so throughout the period of growth until the completion of a year. Underwent three sessions of plasma to strengthen the hair implanted at the recommendation of the same clinic and followed a course of vitamins last three months before the end of the year.facts: – Death of the transplanted grafts left spaces between hair and in certain areas, this refer to the destruction of tissues during the process of extraction due to staff poor experience.– Random over-harvesting has damaged the donor area and caused a large scar on the right side, unlike the other side, indicating negligence and unqualified staff.Results:Definitely very disappointing and this is due to several factors:1. Specialist, not a doctor or surgeon with experience 2 – Medical clinic facilities are primitive and do not live up to the global level in this field. 3. Unqualified medical staff and random diagnosis. 4 – Many grafts simply wasted. 5 – Density does not amount to be 4500 grafts and this indicates misleading and lack of credibility._________________________________________________Quotes of other professional clinics reply on my request for repair surgery:#Clinic 1 :thank you both for your interest in our clinic **** and for sending us your information. Dr. ******** has evaluated your condition according to the pictures you have sent us.After taking the previous surgery (which micromotor is used) you had into account, and according to the professional personal evaluation regarding your condition, your donor capacity is deduced to be insufficient for an FUE transplantation in order to create an acceptable coverage and a density in your balding area. This insufficiency is occured after your donor was not used homogenously. Therefore, I am sorry to inform you that an operation cannot be conducted. Thank you, again, for your interestClinic 2:The doctor has assessed your case and unfortunately we cannot consider you for a procedure due to the depletion of the donor area.


Bilgehan Yildirim

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