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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Bitclubadvantage Academy at


Business Details –

  • Name: Bitclubadvantage Academy
  • Address: Av fortaleza galpao 07
  • City:
  • State: MT
  • Phone: +55 62 8198-3357
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 0 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Bitclubadvantage Academy published at says, verbatim –


I write to say the above company is a scam having deceived thousands of people into investing their hard-earned money into their scheme with a promise of 300% ROI over a period of 52weeks.However, he has changed the rules of the game twice, within a space of five months. In February 2018, he came up with an upgrade that got investors earnings stuck and made withdrawals impossible. Because he claimed to have upgraded the site from 2.0 to 3.0 version.After much complaint, he came up with a gimmick for affiliates to upgrade their accounts in order to have access to withdrawals. Upgrade was done , withdrawals made but it never got to affiliates blockchain or local accounts till this day.Now he came up again with another excuse of upgrading the site again from 3.0 to 4.0 version and with a new side to the story, that Bitclubadvantage academy is changing its headquarters from Brazil to become Bitclubadvantage African and he will have to merge both sites in order for investors to be able to withdraw but this time around with a condition that investors must renovate or renew their account,?????? ??? ???Can you imagine the inconsistency, insensitivity , lack of consideration and total disregard of the poor investors whose funds – capital and earnings are trapped yet Alex Pereira and his cronies are basking in joy at the gains they’ve made from the sweat of unsuspecting investors. It is in the light of the latest developments that I have personally concluded that Bitclubadvantage academy is a SCAM and a FRAUD and decided to drop this report to stop this man from deceiving and defrauding poor unsuspecting people out there.Because as I write this, I learnt he has actually floated the bitclub Africa 4.0 version and investors have started joining not knowing that they will be scammed pretty soon.Please do well to intervene in this fraud and put an end to this to save poor innocent people out there from falling victim to this same fraud like I and so many others did.I sincerely hope there will be a timely intervention soon and I look forward to hearing from you.Thank you.Unstoppable glow


Bitclubadvantage Academy

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