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  • Reported Loss: 77 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


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I downloaded this app, Blinkist few months back. I work in a company and do not get enough time to read books that can be an add on for my skills. Being a sales expert, I have realized that books have a very great impact on the way you manage business. However, after I started working extra shifts, my reading time went for a toss.I downloaded Blinkist after my friend suggested me to. I tried the free version. It was so irritating. Thee guys have made sure that the free version gets you nothing. I was not allowed to choose the blinks. One blink in a day and that too wasn’t what I wanted to read. They market their product by talking about the handsfree experience and great comprehension. But, to my disappointment, the free version had nothing.So, after a week, I paid for the one year plan. I thought that may help. If people are talking about the benefits of this app, I must give it a chance. And, that was the biggest mistake. Being sales personnel, I should not have spent on something that is worth nothing. It was like the worst decision I ever made.The app allows you to download the blinks that can be read later without internet connection. I did download few of them, but it seemed broken or wasn’t downloaded completely. I have downloaded huge videos and audio files. So, the internet connection wasn’t a problem.Later, when I started using the audio facility, I was stuck with the discontinuity problem. Sometimes, I had to wait for minutes for the audio to resume. It was a constant problem. Every time, I wanted to use the handsfree feature, I was frustrated because of the constant disturbance.Sometimes, the audio would be silent for couple of minutes. I used to miss things in between. Even their reading panel is somewhat irritating. You need to constantly refresh the library as the window would not do it all by itself. I tried this app on my office’s internet connection which is damn fast. But the same problem persisted.Not just this, the price is high for an app with so many problems. I was not able to find books that I wanted to read. The books were for beginners. The database that the app has, is for mediocre. Those who want to learn the basics. I am very disappointed with this app features.This is not it. I wanted to share a blink to a friend who was using the blink app and it did not have any option for that. I had to copy and send the link to that blink separately to my friend. So, I do not consider it even user friendly. This app needs to work a lot on its features and quality.You can only find it working fine few times in a month. Other times, it would be too stubborn to allow a steady flow to the content. Do not use your phone’s memory on this stupid app. Its not worth your time and patience.



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