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Business Details –

  • Name: Boulevard Financial Group Steve Leonardis
  • Address: Los Gatos Boulevard
  • City: Los Gatos
  • State: CA
  • Phone:
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 3477 $
  • Severity of Scam: Medium


Original Complaint against Boulevard Financial Group Steve Leonardis published at says, verbatim –


I had a very poor experience with Boulevard Financial Group Steve Leonardis last year and would not recommend them.Our re-fi took over seven months and eventually never closed due to the lender Steve Leonardis had chosen being unable to fund the loan.Our re-fi was fraught with Lack of communication, apparent loss of secure documents, rush rush at the end only to have it all fall apart due to the lender they chose to fund the loan read on for detailsI consistently had extremely poor communication from Steve Leonardis and his colleagues.They would request documents and I would fax them and then hear nothing.A couple of weeks later I would say where are we on the re-fi and they would say “Oh we never received the documents”.This happened several times with many secure documents w-2’s, bank statements etc.God only knows what happened to all our secure info when it came out of some fax at their end?? other times we would send over a scanned image of our w2 and then I’d hear nothing.I’d call a couple of weeks later and they’d say” oh we couldn’t read the image clearly”. really? then why the heck didn’t you call us and request another copy? I always a had to call to find our where we were in the process.They never called me. Steve’s colleague Tom Tran always sounded as if he were on a bad cell phone and rushing around outside- that didn’t reassure me that he was sitting at a desk concentrating on my file.On the day of the loan supposedly closing i was told to get a cashiers check from my bank and rush it to the title company in 20 minutes!I was told they would like us to sign the papers in the next couple of hours.Ridiculous embarrassing panic rushing to the bank and driving across town to title company – oh yes and at the LAST MINUTE they insist I pre-pay our homeowners insurance for the next 8 months.let me inform you we have very good credit and have happily re-financed a few times in the last few years.This calamity was all about poor customer service and a loan company steve said he would ” never use again” yeah, well thanks for using them for our re-fi Steve.We fulfilled all these ridiculously rushed obligations and heard NOTHING.After a week or Steve texted to say our loan had not funded yet could we please pay the next months mortgage. A few weeks later and we heard NOTHING.Eventually i had to call the title company who informed us the loan had fallen through.I was FURIOUS! why hadn’t Boulevard financial told us it had fallen through? when did they expect us to find out? loans- once signed by the notary- almost never fall through unless the loan company goes bust – apparently this one did.But wait there’s more: after speaking with the title company I immediately called Tom and Steve who didn’t even return my call for TWO days! eventually I got an email from Steve explaining the loan company he had chosen went bust but with NO APOLOGY for not informing us himself. Honestly!THEN this was supposed to be a no -cost loan- but guess what? we are out $450 for an appraisal which was done last September!And cannot be used by another re-fi company (apparently they all need to do their own appraisal). of course i left a message for Steve (he NEVER answers his phone by the way) saying “this was meant to be a no-cost but we are out the appraisal fee AND all the months of lower mortgage payment awe were supposed to be getting. guess what? HE HASN”T EVEN REPLIED.Beyond inefficiency this man has just been rude. We are now starting the re-fi all over again with a different broker. Rowena and Steve Morgan, Dublin CA


Boulevard Financial Group Steve Leonardis

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