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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Box Office Verified at


Business Details –

  • Name: Box Office Verified
  • Address: Wenninghoff Road
  • City: Omaha
  • State: NE
  • Phone: +1(888) 320-3070
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 600 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Box Office Verified published at says, verbatim –


I was planning to go for a concert. Hence, I booked two tickets through Box Office Verified. I was not able to book the tickets from anywhere else as the concert was already fully booked. However, this company showed me that there were two seats left for booking. Although the price was more than the other sites, I booked it as I was too much excited to go to this concert.The day of the concert, when I called the venue and thank god, I called them to check the time of the concert, I also asked about the seats and where they were located. The guy was helpful and told me that the seats were booked in the name of other guys and I was not the owner of those seats. I was taken aback.I called the customer care from Box Office Verified and asked to sort the problem out. These guys were rude and did not do anything about it. I missed the concert in my city. So, they said that they won’t be able to refund the tickets but can book it in another city, few hours of drive from my place. I was okay with that setup as well. Anyway, I had my weekend on those dates and there wasn’t any problem travelling to that city.They did not send me the tickets as confirmed. So, I called them and they said that they would be sending the tickets on my email. They did it this time. I drove to the city on the date of the concert. When I reached there, I again found out that the seats were booked in someone else’s name. The security checked the tickets and said that the problem was with my tickets.The tickets were not allowed to be booked by Box Office Verified. However, they sent me tickets for those seats. I had to wait till half time for getting a seat for the concert. The security guard waited until the half time to ensure the seats were empty and then allotted the seats to us. It was so frustrating and shameful. My girlfriend and I had to wait outside of the concert for more than an hour to get the seats.Moreover, we had to pay again for the concert. When I called the guys from Box Office Verified to cancel my ticket and get a refund, they refused. They said that I was lying. They said that I visited the concert and attended it. So, they won’t be paying me my money back. I have proofs. They overcharged more than double the concert seats price. I paid them thinking that there were no more options available and I really wanted to attend that.However, they lied to me all the while. They never had any free seats. They sent me the booked seats both times. I was very pissed off. I am calling these guys since a month now. They hung up on me or ignore my request. Worst of all, they even have the nerve to be rude to me.


Box Office Verified

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