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  • Name: Brandon Wade
  • Address:
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  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 1800 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Brandon Wade published at says, verbatim –


Have you ever visited a site called This is a dating website, however, not as safe as other that you might have tried before. I am a victim of the owner of the website, Bandon Wade. Being a ghost writer, I always had the passion for choosing different niches for exploring the worth of my job.When Brandon approached me to do some ghost writing for him, I agreed. He told me that he would pay for the arrangement and that I should be rest assured of the payment. He offered me to pay after the work was completed. However, I asked him to pay my rent instead. To which, he agreed and I started to work.The work was for 1800 dollars. He wanted me to write a book. I was given all the instructions. The work was for few months. So, I started the job and without worrying about the payment as I thought of him as a genuine person, I provided him time to time updates on the book.I won’t lie, but he paid my first month’s rent. So, I thought it was a good deal. The second month, he said that he wanted a lot of changes in the book and he would delay the payment to the third month. For entire month, I was waiting for him to dedicate the changes.Hence, I paid the second month’s rent. Almost after 15 days, he came up with few changes that would have taken an hour to be completed. I started getting fishy about his terms and asked him to pay me the amount in my account for the second month.He said, he would do it in the third month with the rent amount. I again believed him. I already had completed more than half of the work and did not want any problems in between.The third month came by and I submitted the work to him. He reviewed it and said that the work was great. So, I asked him to pay the rent for next two months, he said he would do and I thought he would have made the payment.After a month, I received a notice from my broker that two months’ rent was pending, and I will have to vacate the place if I did not pay the amount in full within a week’s time.I was shocked to know that he cheated me. Brandon is a liar, I had known by that time. So, I called him, and he started abusing me. He told me a trash and said that the book I wrote was a trash too. He was not ready to agree about the efforts I took to write the book and said that it was copied.Then, why he even took it from me. Later, after a week, he called me. I was not expecting his call at all. He said that he did not mean all that and was in a bad mood. I asked about the payment, coming straight to the point.He said that he would do that if I slept with him. He said that his girlfriend was sleeping, and he would come over to my place and will make the payment as well. I could not believe what he said. I got angry and blamed him for blackmailing me.I said that I would manage my money and he can keep that payment with him. When I told him that I would go to the cops, he said that it would do nothing. He started bragging about his achievements. According to him, he blackmailed married men who wanted to cancel their subscription. He told me that he would threaten them by calling their wives and letting their wives know their dirty secret.He said that he had many connections with well powered men who can do anything if he asked them to. This was because, he had their secrets safe with him. He also provided me with the names of people on his dating sites who were married and held huge positions.From entrepreneurs to public officers, he had the list of many individuals who could have done a lot of things. I got a little scared as well. I said that I would not go to the police. But, I will never agree to his terms as well.He started calling me every now and then and sometimes at the odd hours at night. I am trying to ignore him since then, but he won’t stop. He even agreed that he took advantage of many girls registered on his dating website.He said that he had profiles of men that he used to lure those girls and then blackmail them for sleeping with him. I was not sure what to expect but knew that it would not be easy to buzz him off.Although I have tried many things from not receiving his number to threatening him about the FIR, he seems too stubborn to register the fact that I was not interested. I changed my phone number as well.His calls stopped for few days and then again started coming. I do not know how he got my new number. This is the reason I decided to talk about this incident here.I do not know if this will scare him or not, but I do not want other women out there to fall prey to his sweet talks. Do not even let him entertain you, he would take your life for granted thereafter. People like him are parasites and should be locked behind bars.His website is dangerous too, especially if you are married, he would profit on that. He had confirmed all his actions to me. I do not have proofs but I know what he is like. Brandon Wade is a dangerous man. More than anything else, he does not shame for what he does. I believe that he is more like an animal in the body of human, no respect for women at all.


Brandon Wade

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