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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against BridgePort Financial at


Business Details –

  • Name: BridgePort Financial
  • Address: Main Street
  • City: San Francisco
  • State: CA
  • Phone:
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 6544 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against BridgePort Financial published at says, verbatim –


Dear Mr. Roger Young,I was contacted by one of your associates, Rodney Clemons on Friday about an account that needed attention.It was for a bill from San Leandro Hospital that was filed late by their associates and later on was turn over to your agency.It was for a hospital visit on January 24th and was filled to BlueCross on early September.I had spoken to James about the situation and told him that I would call him back once I contact my insurance, Bluecross.Not long after, Evelyne from BlueCross and I contacted Rodney about the situation on a three way call.We spoke and talked about how it was timely filing.That we all agreed that a letter from me and with documentation from BlueCross will need to be sent to San leandro Hospital and to Rodney Clemons for an appeal.This morning, Monday I get a call from Rodney Clemons. I return a call a person named Harris answers.He had immidiately set the tone and mood of aggressiveness and negativity.His use of language was very UNPROFESSIONAL. Using the words, bro, cool.Even addressed me by my first name several times, which should be by my last name to the least as a sign of respect and professionalism.He opened up the conversation with Rodney is JUST an employee here and just started 3 weeks ago, where it clearly says on your website that, “Rodney Clemons is a rising star at Bridgeport Financial.In two and half years time, he has escalated from an entry level small balance Collector to a large balance collector.”That Rodney was in the room. So what did that mean to me? Does that make me feel anymore comfortable nor convinced that he’s in the room? I had wanted to speak to Rodney but Harris did not want to turn it over.I was beginning to think that something fishy was going on. Either they’re the same person, or someone was playing games.Harris did not even explain his position, if he was the supervisor that is taking over James’ account, etc.I was calm and tried to put in my side but he was very eager to get his point and was rude about giving my chance.I had asked him if I could collect all of the information and get this into gear with my insurance, he was nice enough to let me do that, but only gave me till 3:30 today {same day} to get back at him.As I had ended the conversation with Harris, I had informed him that his initial tone was very unwelcoming.He had immidiately made me feel guilty that I was trying to run away and not pay the bill.And why did I call and try to figure this out if I was trying to neglect the situation.His answer was, well you feel that way because you have a bill to pay bro, and I’m cool because I’m closing the account.He tried to make points, and the most valid point he had made to me was just that this is bad if it goes to your credit.If I was in wrong I will pay for it, but after speaking to my insurance and the way Rodney and Harris were extremely unconvincing, it is obvious.Now, I would like something done here and I am very unhappy, not just because of these billing issues, but more-so on how I was treated.I will contact the Better Business Bureau if nothing occurs. I hope to receive a response regarding this issue as soon as possible.I will cease answering Rodney /Harris’ calls because I was advise by BlueCross that there is nothing else to discuss except for when that appeal comes into place which will be within the next few weeks.Regards G


BridgePort Financial

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