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Business Details –

  • Name: Brookwood Free Standing Emergency
  • Address: Cahaba Valley Road
  • City: Birmingham
  • State: AL
  • Phone: (205) 725-6800
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 1586 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Brookwood Free Standing Emergency published at says, verbatim –


I was seen Brookwood Free Standing Emergency for a car accident on 10/19/2017. The place was VERY clean and there was very little wait time. The staff seemed very attentive to my needs and I was taken VERY quickly back to have my head CT and X-Rays.But sadly, then came the wait time! It was obviously shift change, and the Dr. that was taking care of me when I was admitted FORGOT to tell the oncoming Dr. that I was to be discharged!As I watched my Dr’s and nurse walking out the door with all their things for the day.I continued to wait for an extra hour and half for my discharge paperwork and STILL no one came in to check on me.(I live in Auburn, so having to dread a 2+hour drive home, and they had not so much as given me a glass of water or offered me an aspirin for my pain!) I was getting rather agitated.Thankfully the staff nurse was still sitting at the desk outside my room and I barely caught her as SHE was leaving for the night!She was kind enough to see what had happened and to my dismay, the Dr who had initially treated me NEVER entered into the computer his discharge notes for the oncoming staff!(He had only written down on a “sticky note and placed it on my chart!) If I hadn’t called out for the nurse as she was leaving, there’s no telling how long I would’ve been waiting to be discharged from there.(And there was NO other patients waiting to be seen, OR in any other rooms within this free-standing ER!!!)A few weeks later I received a bill from them. I was actually dumbfounded by the cost.For receiving NO IV’s, NO treatment whatsoever, not even an aspirin, much less did they even do any sort of treatment whatsoever (like look within my eyes, something of which I complained about, checked my lower back, or checked my shoulder.)NO physical exam whatsoever!!! They had the audacity to send me a bill in the amount of $21,000.00!!!I literally laid in there for OVER 3+hours, and they offered me NO care whatsoever!Even though I was obviously in a wheelchair and had just been rear ended by someone doing 50+ mph.I was complaining of neck pain (and they were informed that I had JUST had cervical neck surgery!) Along with having several lower back surgeries too.There was a noticeable lump on my right cheekbone, and I complained of right shoulder pain as well. But still NO physical exam was performed!But they were MORE than happy to charge me $20,000.00+ in charges for doing absolutely NOTHING but leaving me to lay in one of their rooms, IN PAIN, and the left to drive home 2+hours before I could reach any of my medication (which btw, were my seizure disorder.) as well as receiving any sort of pain relief as well!I will give them 3 stars for the fact that the nurses and the X-Ray technicians were GREAT!They helped me with my concerns regarding my atrophy and how hard it was for me to lie down on a flat surface.ALL of the nurses were very friendly. But as for the Dr’s, MAJOR thumbs DOWN and for charging me an exorbitant amount for doing absolutely NOTHING.(God Forbid if anything happens to me again while I’m in Birmingham) I’ll request to go straight to UAB Hospital*Which BTW I had my neck surgery there this past year and the total cost of it AND the 2 days spent in the hospital did not come even anywhere near the $20,000.00 that this free-standing ER is trying to charge me.*So do yourself a favor STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE! That’s unless money is no object to you and you can afford to throw it away.Then by all means…… GO!There’s no wait time, friendly staff, excellent nurses and technicians.But the Dr’s think they’re “Gods-Gift.” So you’ve been warned.


Brookwood Free Standing Emergency

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