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  • Name:
  • Address: Oxford Street West
  • City: London
  • State: ON
  • Phone:
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 400 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against published at says, verbatim –


I ordered jack herer. This was my first order and I was already sceptical. It took them a month to deliver the package. When the package was delivered, it had some other item which I never ordered. They had sent me THC gummies. I emailed them, and trust me, they are too slow in responding.After few mails, when they finally replied, they said they would be compensating for the order the next time. So, I ordered again. This time, they sent my order to a different address. I never received my order and the price was never adjusted. I was charged the exact price of the order.I again emailed them too many times. I think they do not usually answer people. But, if they have an email address that they have provided to their customers, they should be answering it. I had to mail them more than thrice to get their one response.They finally agreed to send me the third time. This time, they sent again sent me THC gummies. I would have kept the item and would have given this rat chase a rest. But, the product was worthless. I was waiting for the item I ordered in a hope that jack herer won’t be that bad. But, I never got a chance to receive the product that I ordered in the first place.I sent few more mails and I knew these guys will do whatever they will feel right. What if, I ordered another item, if they wanted to send me gummies, they would send me gummies.This is frustrating. I then checked the reviews on the internet and got many of those reviews singing the same song. These guys are not doing it accidentally. Either they are doing it on purpose or they are incompetent and have a worse management to take care of the orders.I have been ordering online for a long time. I used to order from another store. Just wanted to try this for a change and was very disappointed. The one that I ordered from is far better and have a great service and delivery options.I usually order every month and if this is how they are going to continue, they will have to shut down soon. No one likes to deal with such an irresponsible company online. There are many alternatives and I was one of the rarest customers who gave them three chances to rectify their mistake. None would do that.There were reviews which clearly confirmed that they never received their order. I am still one of those lucky ones who at least got something. It makes me sad to see how one company is making other online vendors look risky.I am writing this review to warn everyone who orders online. This company is a scam and the products are also not worth the money you pay. It may happen that you would never receive your order ever.

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