Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation at


Business Details –

  • Name: Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation
  • Address: Merit Drive
  • City: Dallas
  • State: TX
  • Phone: (972) 663-1600
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 5456 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation published at says, verbatim –


My wife and I recently purchased a home and unfortunately we used Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation.Our experience with Chase could not have been any worse! The purchase of your first home should be an exciting time…it’s your first house.However, Chase made the home buying experience a nightmare.The individuals that Chase employs to uphold what Chase believes as customer service…we’ll call them Ms. Mitchell, Mr. Jones and Mr. Walton, each being the superior to the other, and no one succeeds at failure better!My wife and I, the customer, hired Chase and the finance process was never on our time.A question to ponder; if a customer hires a service shouldn’t the service be performed on the customers schedule? They had no cares about our schedules or work.We were given 4 different closing dates! 4! The most advance notification we received that we would not be closing was 12 hours.Twelve hours may be acceptable, however I was already on the plane, on the way home, cutting business short, with an unnecessary $400 one way ticket that I purchased to make closing.All Chase could say was “sorry, but I’m trying.” We were not aware of the actual closing until 2 hours before, after it was already pushed back by 1 hour, and we were not given the amount of the needed cashiers check until 30 minutes before closing!So I leave new potential business, I spend $400 on a ticket and I get a sorry.My wife took off of work 3 separate days to close on the home based on the closing days that were given to us by Ms. Mitchel and Mr. Jones.All 3 of the days that were taken off were waisted because we did not close.It came to a point where Ms. Mitchell handed our file to her boss Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones should never be allowed to interact with customers, because if I handled my clients the way he handle us I would be fired…my boss even confirmed that one.He insulted my wife, where I had to tell him to call her and apologize! When I heard he told my wife she was being rediculous I snapped like a fat man in a hammock.At that point our realtor contact Mr. Walton, Mr. Jones’ boss, four separate times and he never returned our calls.These are the type of people Chase employs. Due to Chases incompetant employees we had to reschedule our movers twice, reschedule our cable installation, reschedule appliance delivery, loose new business, loose wages, spend unneccessary amounts of money and go through a family pack of Excedrin.Three months after closing we are still dealing with Chase!When we did close, it took Chase more than 4 hours to wire the money to our title company, so we were standing in front of our home with the movers until they decided to do their job.**Our builder and our realtor from Keller Williams have never, in there careers, experienced with their past clients what we had to go through with Chase.Because of our experience alone, our builder has already steered away 1 client from Chase and my realtor vowed to do her best keep her clients from using Chase.Chase refunded the application fee, which they said covered my flight…no even close.Then they refunded $500 because of their unprofessional services…it’s better than “sorry, we’re trying” but still they aren’t even close.To add on to what was already mentioned above, Chase’s employees insulted my wife, ignored our phone calls where I had to begin calling from different phone numbers, was 30 days late on deliverying promised refunds and never explained as to why they failed at the job they were hired for, and still refuse to do so.We went with Chase because at the time they had the best rate, family has two mortgages with them and we’ve had accounts with them as well, however now with our experience behind us we would rather have taken the higher rate to recieve just the basic customer service.If someone was going to give me money that would make my company hundreds of thousands of dollars and put thousands in my own pocket I would give them best customer service I could, but even asking for respect from Chase was too much.**The best advice that our builder and Keller Williams realtor gave us was to avoid using a bank for a mortgage because they have their backwards way of doing things and they have many other ways of making money besides mortgages, so it’s really never a priortity to them.We were told to go with a mortgage company because that is all they do day in and day out are mortgages. Well, we should have listened.Lesson learned and I hope this helps others avoid the experience we had. Step 1: Avoid Chase like the plague.


Chase Manhattan Mortgage Corporation

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