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Business Details –

  • Name: Choices Recovery
  • Address: East Jefferson Boulevard
  • City: South Bend
  • State: IN
  • Phone: +1 866-486-9769
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 21000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Choices Recovery published at says, verbatim –


It would be a big mistake if you ever send your loved ones to Choices recovery. This place is good for nothing. They mislead people by false advertising and cheat them. I am one of their victims. I went to this rehab to get rid of my addiction with Vicodin. I was told that I can choose between a 12-ste program or any other as per my choice. However, I was forced to follow the 12-step program after I enrolled with them. I was never given a choice. Once, I completed the program, I was suggested to start with smart recovery. So, they lied about the first thing that interested me to choose Choices recovery over others.This is just the start of the web that they tie you into. If they had the authority, they would have kept all their patients inside the center for life long. Their goal is to lure the clients and make them feel safer inside instead of making them mentally strong. The staffs are a way ahead of the management. Even when the management try to put the methods inline, staffs do not follow them. They do not make patients follow them as well. There is no discipline in the center. It is like a shit hole where you will find people fighting and abusing each other. I was placed with the group that did not have the basic etiquette. They were always ready to start the fight and no staff ever came to our rescue.When I joined, I was given instructions to meet my therapist thrice a week. When I asked them about the appointment, they told me that it is randomly selected. But, they assured that they would provide one to one session, thrice a week. I was convinced. But, I soon realized that they only had few trained professionals who were capable of conducting one to one sessions. When I reached out to them, they did not pay attention to my case in detail as their schedule was tight. I had one session is a week and that was for a very short duration. I stayed there for 45 days and those were the most disturbing and frustrating days of my life.I did not learn anything. When I checked with few patients, I found out that they were connected with the security people from choices recovery on facebook. This was not only unprofessional but unsafe as well. Few patients, who were forced by their family to stay at this facility, had started to like the center. This was fishy. I had a doubt that they were getting what they wanted, from somewhere and the facebook links said it all. The place is managed in a very bad manner and there is no schedule for anything. The most important part of any rehab center, is its connectivity of patients with their counsellor. Here, the counsellor was not present for most of the times.I was given medication that did not suit me. When I consulted the doctor at the premise, he asked me to continue until I get used to it. It became a reason for the severe headache and I missed few routines of the day. I was finally advised not to take that medicine. This could have been before.You will find patients running here and there without any restrictions. This center faunts about the effectiveness of their methods. But, this is all lie. They only want people to believe in their lies and get trapped in their worthless program.I was worried about the insurance claim. They assured that they have tie ups with my insurance company. However, the way things were turning against them, I had big doubt about the claim as well. So, when I still at the center, I asked the management to connect with my insurance company and get me the assurance directly. But, they denied my request and abused me for making unnecessary demands.Every staff at Choices recovery feels that he is the boss. There is no hierarchy. Everyone does what he feels like. The worst part is that, to get into good book of these staffs, all you need to do is, obey them. You can get anything that you want afterwards. This was the most important factor that the facility has more than 50% relapses. The condition is worse and people who come back, has even bigger and irreversible problems.The immorality of the center is way ahead of our imaginations. While I was still undergoing treatment, a guy was kicked out of the facility because he had epilepsy. When we tried to interfere, we were warned to keep shut. One day before the guy left, he told that the management knew about his condition. Once, they made few bucks, they kicked him out like a rotten pig. This was not the first case. They did that to few people who were not able to keep up with the payments. Instead of solving the problem with patience and professionalism, they took the other way.I still remember the day when that guy was treated like nothing. Choices recovery has not enough space to maintain such a huge number of patients. Sometime, we were asked to share rooms on temporary basis. This was not acceptable, but no one had the say when they were asked to do something.My wife came to see me at the hospital and said that she was sent back thrice without the appointment. The staff lied to them about my counselling sessions and my recovery details. She was under an impression that I was getting the best treatment and care. However, when she met me, she was shocked to see my condition.The food that we got there was close to poison. We were not allowed to eat from outside. Neither our family members could not bring anything from home. This was totally right. But, they should have served us at least the food that was safe to eat. Every week one or the other patient was sick due to food poisoning. When we raised questions, we were given excuses of detox and various other unreasonable causes.The mess was very unhygienic. Plates were dirty and the kitchen was never cleaned. At least, I did not see that happening during my 45 days stay at the facility. Choices recovery’s center was not maintained as it was promised. From food to personal hygiene, nothing was taken care of.When I was released, I asked for the insurance claim papers that they had initiated from there end. It was surprising to find out that they had billed my case as an outpatient when I was admitted as inpatient. They took several days to mail me the insurance copy and when I found out about their lies, they said that it was a mistake.Definitely, they got more claiming me as an outpatient. So, a win-win situation for them. I asked to reinitiate the claim. However, they denied. They said that it would be time consuming and such small mistakes made not much difference. But, when I checked with the packages, I was surprised to see the difference in the charges. This was a fraud. Choices Recovery is not only scamming people and playing with their emotions, but it is also scamming insurance companies.Now I understand, why they were so interested in increasing my stay at their center. They asked me to join their smart recovery program as well, after I completed the 12-step program. I knew what I had to do. So, I refused. But, there were many patients who were not aware of their actual intentions.This is how Choices recovery is making money. I am sure, there would be many clients who would come forward after reading this. I would like to draw attention of every reader who wants to join Choices recovery or is willing to send his/her family member to this center. This could become their biggest mistake. I was among those few lucky ones, who got the game sooner and decided to leave.But, not everyone is able to find out their fraud. I met people there, who used to sing their praises. Either because of their bond with the staff members or because of their innocence. In both the ways, they were hurting their lives.This center is full of crap and should not be running at all. I want to reach as many people as I can through this post. This could save life of many who join rehab center in a hope to find a new life. If you are one of them, please try to find other center with better facilities and if nothing, then at least with an aim to serve people with genuine motive.


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