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They initially state they prefer Vanilla Visa Gift Card as method of payment. If you are older like me and not familiar with these cards I initially chose the My Vanilla relaodable one to do continued business and avoid paying the $8.00 fee each time you load it. So I load the black My Vanilla Visa Card with $190 to pay for products.  I use that card right after purchase at CVS and a [email protected] responds and tells me they don’t accept that card and need to buy the One Vanilla Visa Silver non-loadable gift card. So when I try to remove the money from the Black My Vanilla to put on a One Vanilla they tell me it has a balance of $28 which means it got hit for $172. So I immediately burnt the card and requested another while waiting for my favorable dispute decision. Now this is critical….when dispute department asked if any other people had the information on the card I told them it was rejected by but I thought it very weird their employee that activated it for me asked for the 3 digits on the back. Visa said they would investigate him and get back to me because everything is recorded. They never gave me an answer about the employee so I assumed it was him and they wanted to keep that information in house. The merchant that charged the $172 was Google AdWords and I was lied to numerous times by them also. So I go get the One Vanilla Silver , load it with $120 to pay for $110 in my cart + $10 Shipping.  Note – the only person that ever corresponded with me was a Marissa Cooper.  Don’t believe for one minute that person is a female. This company has a network of IP addresses, websites, and numerous other fraudlfrau activities throughout our Country all coming from Russia. We’ve uncovered an enourmous amount of information that they have been covering up and our intentions are to Alert the attorney general and FBI. So this “it”, “thing”, “robot”, “Russian Agent”, “Transvestite”, [email protected] takes the information from my Card on the website, has all your prrspers information like: phone number, billing address, delivery address, etc and I’m sure backed by the best high tech people to do whatever that sick filthy monster of a person decides to do.  So the little monster requests you take a picture of your card both front and back than  disappears to 5 Star Restaurant on our dime. That monster needs to have “it’s” heart ripped out and Hannibal saute it in some white wine…Lol.  The merchants charged on my recent $115.00 theft were Eric’s Garage Door, Highland, CA. and  Finally, they use Zendesk Chat for all correspondence. Now the only time they Chat is to cash out your cart. They issue a Tracking # and Order Confirmation # but when you request when order will be shipped at your Order you get no answer and it shows in their system “still processing”…. that’s just a stalling tactic. Oh….two more cute things they do: a) they will give you great prices and use the usaua lie and say thatst because they want you as long term customer. b)  when you check everything thoughly before pulling the trigger and submit all information to pay THEY SEND AN INVOICE CONFIRMATION with the Wrong Shipping Address!!! The invoice comes with no Tracking # but it can only be found on their Website. All this is done for a reason so they can say your order is still being processed and if you lose your patience to soon and to put you ar ease that you have A USELESS PHONY TRACKING NUMBER. Also, I Alerted Zendesk they are being used by a fraudulent company and they ignored me. I CALLED ZENDESK AND THEY SAID NOBODY COULD HELP…So this means ZENDESK is another company participating in these Scams because they are the only contact people for dealing with these companies. Remember- all IP addresses and Servers throughout our Nation is in RUSSIA!! These monsters will switch up Web domains, IP addresses, all phone numbers are useless, merchants that charge your card are plucked out of mid- air.   TAKE THESE ANIMALS DOWN FOLKS. / <a href=[email protected] >” />

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