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  • Name: Chuck Hughes Trader
  • Address:
  • City:
  • State:
  • Phone: +1 (866) 661-5664
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 7000 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Chuck Hughes Trader published at says, verbatim –


I have been conned by this market guru or investment genius as he is termed by him and his followers, Chuck Hughes. Chuck claims to have learned some secret formula through experience and is kind enough to share it by his training courses costing between $6,000 and $15,000 upfront.  Performing a quick Google search of his name and scam will tell you more than you need to know about avoiding such sure-fire trading systems and the ensuing hard sales pitch for their training courses costing. All the material that you find on his YouTube videos is just to get money out from your pocket for his online courses. All the big promises are fake! I fell for those fake promises and lost $7000 in the name of becoming an expert in the field of the stock market. The biggest issue I have with this guy is that he is presenting his track record as if he has never in the past, lost any money.It clearly presents the fact that Chuck Hughes is a fraud. In his lectures or all his videos, he is simply sounding as if he has cracked the market and become a billionaire and is never going to fail. In reality, he has nothing! I have attended his online lectures which are not at all worth even $70. It’s important for us to turn off our TVs, cultivate intellectual curiosity and read. We live in a time of unprecedented access to knowledge and should take advantage of it. And in such a time, people like Chuck Hughes are busy scamming us and taking benefits from us.He even goes so far as to declare himself the world champion of trading!? WTF?! Also, there are 20 different websites using his name! Which is not at all legit! There is something seriously fishy going on in the name of training you with becoming a stock guru. There innumerable claims and complaints of people for all these websites. I should have searched online about it before investing. I couldn’t but you please do. Please beware of this practice which is going on in the name of this con man also known as investing genius Chuck Hughes.Chuck has made me think that all these guys, involved in the training of the stock market are hucksters. They do make what appears to be outrageous claims of prosperity but let’s one bear in mind they all have succeeded whereas you and I may be struggling. Several years ago, I attended his seminar in Washington, D.C. There were probably 150 attendees spending $2K apiece to be there. You can do the math yourself, this is the slightest demonstration of how Chuck frauds everyone. Plus Chuck is a very charismatic speaker. Would you have attended his seminar if he told you in his marketing that he lost 50% of his entire grubstake while he parlayed $10K into $1M in a year’s time? That he had actually made $2M but in the final month or so of trading lost a cool million. So he keeps all the facts away from you and then in the name of refund and all he takes away the money and does not return it back. Because telling every fact makes it, not so appealing when presented in those terms so of course the guy is embellished.In that seminar, he also told the story of why he doesn’t manage accounts for others. It seems that when he did, he took this one woman’s $10K and turned it into $300K in a year’s time and she filed a lawsuit against him! The lady claimed that he didn’t turn it into a million like he claimed he did that one year and so she felt cheated. She lost the suit of course, but it soured him on doing any more account management. I used to be an electrical contractor. I could rough in an entire house in a day’s time. I could teach you to do the same also, but it would probably take you the better part of a week to do the same job. Does this make me a poor teacher or rather is it because you need much experience first before it becomes second nature?Chuck Hughes has something called MVP Secrets manual which he terms, differentiates him from others. He does not claim he never has losses but on the contrary, claims that he tries to maintain a 3:1 ratio of profit to lose, which is obviously to make you fall for his trap i.e. to give him your money to manage. This sounds like money management. OVERALL, he claims fantastic profits and provides his E*Trade statements as proof but that are not trustworthy and are specially provided to gain your trust. I have lost my money and so I want you everyone to stay beware of this guy Chuck Hughes.The man is completely insane. He keeps telling great things to make you feel excited to give him all your savings. He makes it seem as if the investment is an easy task. It is not true. It comes with its own challenges and dark side. Losses are a part of stock trading. And, this guy tries to put that side apart and present you the side that he may never be able to accomplish for you.He made promises to me and made me pay $7000. This is absurd. I would have never paid this much of amount if I have at all researched about him before enrolling for the program. I was stupid. But you can save yourself. This man is a scammer and not at all trying to provide you any profit. He claims big things and does nothing instead. What he teaches is something one can find for free on the internet. The strategies are basic and every trader would know it. One does not have to try his courses to get to know the same old school tips. That may work and may not, which is completely fine. But claiming that he has got the full proof solution to stay at the profit end is bullshit.


Chuck Hughes Trader

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