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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Clear TV Key at


Business Details –

  • Name: Clear TV Key
  • Address: Estate Enighed
  • City: Independence
  • State: KS
  • Phone: 1-973-287-5193
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 500 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely Low


Original Complaint against Clear TV Key published at says, verbatim –


When I started having issues with the company’s product, my sister suggested that she had the same issues a few months back and that is when she changed the provider. Clear TV Key antenna is a mess and we have never seen a channel broadcasting quality videos.The website promises about 65 channels, however, only 17 channels ever got through the antenna. All those 17 channels are also broken. I have called the company many times, but support is not at all supportive.The company is trying to fool people by selling worthless products. When I called the company, they had the excuse that the problem is because of the surrounding areas near my apartment. They stated that it could be trees or buildings and many other reasons that interfere with the signals.I guess, they were talking about the countryside because this does not happen in metropolitan cities. My sister who lives in a different city with altogether different locality was facing the same issue and that was the answer these guys provided to her too. People with huge population density and not much trees around, this assertion is completely unacceptable.No one would ever show up if you ask them for the assistance. This is not it. The company takes the shipping charges from you. They take $7 for sending the product to your place and then if you want to return the package, you will again have to spend $3 to ship the items back.Why should we pay for the shipping when it is clear that your clear TV does not work? These guys are manipulative in their talks and would rather make it look like it’s your fault. If you ever try to get to their support team, it would take ages and many times the call will disconnect itself.I think everyone should stop using the product of this company until it fixes the problem once for all. Who likes to pay for something that does not work? I am not sure why people are still buying their product when most of the online reviews clearly state that the company is bogus and so are its products.I am very disappointed in the product and would never buy anything from this company again. The worst part about this company is their negligence. They do not care about their customer’s problems and all that matters to them is money.I have made several calls to fix this problem, but they would never give attention. I feel as if I am talking to robots. Everyone has byhearted the answers and respond in the same manner. You would not be able to get any other solution from any of the employees of the company.I am going to change my provider and would never return back to this company. If that would make any difference in their attitude, I would think that my action was paid back. And, I would like to warn others as well staying away from such a creepy service provider and the bogus products.


Clear TV Key

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