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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Click Construction and Remodeling at


Business Details –

  • Name: Click Construction and Remodeling
  • Address: Blacksmith Square
  • City: Ashburn
  • State: VA
  • Phone: (703) 930-7987
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 200 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely Low


Original Complaint against Click Construction and Remodeling published at says, verbatim –


I’m sorry that can only give two stars to click construction but when I met with Allen for an estimate, he seemed to be a good person with experience in the remodeling bathrooms. He gave me his plan for my job which was to be a handicapped bathroom with accessibility for a wheelchair and shower chair plus all the bells and whistles that are code for a disabled person. Everything seemed to be alright with the plan except for the shower would not have any doors to keep the water from coming out onto everything that he was putting in brand new. I told him that it would need something to stop the water from coming out and he finally agreed to putting up a trac for a closure like a hospital would use around a bed for privacy. I was all for that, but when everything was ripped out and the new stuff was put in, he didn’t caulk around anything and he did not put up any trac or curtain. I ask him when he was going to finish and he said as soon as the parts come in. He ask my wife for his last payment while I was gone and she paid him all that he was owed for two bathrooms he did in my house. I ask him about the time table for him to finish with the curtains and caulking plus the trac, he said he would need more money which was not part of the contract that he and I had, but he doesn’t write everything down on the contract because he tries to tell you everything that he will be doing and drawing you pictures on a piece of paper that he throws away after you sign the contract and you think your getting All the beautiful things he told you when he was going over the price with you. Everything was bought at the Home Depot, at least 3/4 of it was and then he stacked it in my garage with my classic car after I told him he could only put the new box with the toilet in there. I had to clean everything up when the crew left and the garage took me two days. I’m really disappointed with click construction. Unfinished work and I paid him almost 60k whenever he asked for a check it was not problem. Be aware of his contract sweetness and get it all on the contract in writing.


Click Construction and Remodeling

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