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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against ClickBank at


Business Details –

  • Name: ClickBank
  • Address: Telephone Road
  • City: Houston
  • State: TX
  • Phone: 1-800-390-6035
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 100 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against ClickBank published at says, verbatim –


Last year August I paid for a strikelight flashlight from this company, clickbank. I made the payment through PayPal. The transaction went successful. I believed that the order was placed correctly. However, when I did not receive any email or confirmation, I tried to contact them only to know that the amount was refunded to my account and my order was cancelled.Every time I contacted someone from the customer service, I received different answers and it was very frustrating. After several calls, I was finally told to email a different department as it was not possible for them to help me over phone. I did exactly as they asked me to do but for no good.I only received an auto response from that team asking me to wait for few days and then no one contacted me ever. I tried with different credit cards as well. But, there wasn’t much response. So, I checked the previous order and found out that it was flagged as fraudulent and there was no clue why it was done so.So, I tried calling them again and wanted a resolution for placing the order. After again calling them back and forth when I did not get much response, I tried with my friend’s credit card and the order went through.I paid my friend and was assured that they would be sending my order to my address. After 10 days, I did receive my order and I was thankful for the same. But, when I opened the box, I did not find any invoice. That was also fine as I had an email listing the order details and the paypal transaction’s report that was made through my friend’s credit card.However, I could not get the flashlight working. So, I called the tech support after 5 days when I was a little free from my office work and wanted to fix the product. I had to wait more than usual to find a person to talk. That guy told me that he would open a ticket for me for my concern.I only got an open ticket and no help. This was very disappointing. I was hung up before I even could ask more questions. I needed few answers to know why I could not get the flashlight working. But, they were not sure what to say. I understand that they are having to deal with a lot of customers but that does not make my problem any smaller.After asking him several times about the resolution, he said that he would help and later just provided me the details of the ticket and hung up on me. I was not sure what to do. He did not inform if I would be getting a callback or I will have to call back again. And, if I was supposed to call back, I did not have the exact time and date.I was totally confused. I knew that calling them would be like waiting for a lifetime. Still, I tried calling them. But, the call got disconnected a lot of times. I called them a week later with the same concern. When I called, the guy did the exact same thing. He asked me to wait and put me on hold for some time for finding out what he could do.After a while, he resumed the call and informed that he had resubmitted the ticket and I would be getting the answers soon. He asked me to wait for some time and hung up. He also did not ask for my permission or consent and if I needed any more details or assistance.I had an impression that I would be getting a callback. However, when no one contacted me after three days, I decided to call back again. It was the third time and the support agent did not mention about the inconvenience that I had to go through. He simply resubmitted the ticket.When I asked what I would be getting with all this. He said that this is how it works, and I need to be patient. I was shocked. How much patience am I expected to show? Later, he asked me for some more time and said that this was the last time I was asked to wait. I think it is easier to resubmit the tickets in comparison to providing the resolution against those tickets. That was the reason why everyone at Clickbank support was interested in resubmitting the ticket back.So, I waited again. When I called them for the fourth time, I had made up my mind that I would not accept the resubmission of the ticket. The agent replied saying that the ticket was already closed. This means that I was satisfied by their resolution. How can that be possible, I asked myself?I told that agent that I never got the answer to my questions. Why on this earth would that last agent close the ticket? On the contrary, he assured that I would not have to call again. Now I know, why he said so.After all these failed attempts to get my flashlight working, I called Paypal. They offered me for getting a refund back. And, this solution was not what I ever wanted. Or else, I would never have gone so far for getting that flashlight.I tried getting it sorted with Clickbank. But, they never responded with the resolution. They only know how to distract their customers. Once the payment is made, there is nothing they would do to help you. I should have known while I got into the blacklist and no one helped me out.Its been so many months and still, there is no reply from their side. I am stuck with the strikelight. They would not help me make it work. I know I have lost my money. I believe I should have got the refund from Paypal when it was the time.This company is a scam. They are never going to help their customers. Then why they have even got the support team. This company should be shut down forever.



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