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Business Details –

  • Name: Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute
  • Address: Kimmer Drive
  • City: Lone Tree
  • State: CO
  • Phone: +1(303) 857-5799
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 5000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute published at says, verbatim –


When I started noticing the gaps between my hair scalps, I understood something was wrong. So, I consulted the doctor and he suggested that I should go for the hair restoration surgery. He suggested that it would take more than one sitting and I understood. The first surgery was fine, however, for the second one, I decided to go for a different clinic with cheaper treatment cost.This is when I contacted CSCHI Online. When I spoke to them, they assured that their experience is around 20 years and they have given great results. The owner, Mr. Chris McTyre also spoke to me. After I got answers to all the questions, I paid the deposit and was given a date for surgery.I arrived on time at the clinic. While things were prepared for the surgery, I was waiting and one of the nurses was talking to me. She informed that the surgery would be done by Dr. Gerald Searle who has about 1.5 years of experience and the best doctor in the clinic.I was shocked to hear that. The owner said that they had more than 20 years of experience, don’t know what he was referring to. However, I just prayed for things to be okay. Before the doctor started the operation, I asked if he would be able to keep the scars minimal and do the job correctly. He said he would. And, I let him do it.It took more than two hours to complete the surgery. I could feel him tightening the thread too many times which means he made a big gap at the donor’s area. There were lots of blood on my back which they were cleaning regularly. At night, the blood was dripping a lot. In the morning, the nurse asked me to wash my head completely. I was not sure why she wanted me to do that.When I returned home, I figured out that the scar was too big. The gap was not even closed completely, as the scabs of blood would fall sometimes. To remove the sutures, I visited a local hospital and they also were shocked to see the condition of my head.After few days, the donor area started losing hair and there was a big trench on the head. It was almost 2.5 inches. People started noticing it and it was too obvious. After a year, when I wanted to correct what the operation had brought to me, the doctor whom I consulted said that the clinic should take the responsibility of everything.However, Colorado Surgical Center Hair Institute did not even offer me to refund the amount that I spent on the operation for no good. The doctors from the other clinic also confirmed that they had never seen such a big scar before. In short, what was done to my head wasn’t at all the work of an experienced guy.I think they know nothing and are only about talks. Do not ever trust their fake promises and imaginary experiences that they hold.


Colorado Surgical Center & Hair Institute

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