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Business Details –

  • Name: Credit Union 1
  • Address: Eureka Street
  • City: Anchorage
  • State: AK
  • Phone: (907) 339-9485
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 4529 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Credit Union 1 published at says, verbatim –


Thanks credit union one for the great experience, I will tell everyone I know how much you suck Sincerly. I USED to brag to everyone about how great Credit Union 1 WAS. I have had an account with them since I was 16 years old.I am now 26 and I tell everyone I know stay far far away from credit union one.There unprofessional teller who said her name was PAM most likely makes less than I do an hour but took the liberty to give me the rudest advice on managing my money.In 2014 I called them from the Lexus dealership on a Friday and they approved me for the full $44,000 no problem said to come in after the weekend to fill out paperwork, even had a voicemail from one of there personnel stating I had been approved for the full amount.So after talking to CU1 Lexus let me drive it off the lot. Monday was a holiday so Tuesday i called ” Oh we didn’t approve that loan”.I spoke to 10 different idiots, went as high up as possible. Offered for them to listen to the voicemail, none of them helped or cared to fix THERE mistake.So I had to tell Lexus you can now take your brand new car that is now used back. luckily they financed me matching my payment and low interest rate i wanted.I gave CU1 yet another chance and moved my Lexus loan over to them since they offered me yet an even better interest rate.Well unfortunately that Lexus I bought was totaled in October 2016 I owed 29,000 insurance booked it at 21,000 so i was left with 8,000.Called credit union knowing i had gap insurance they claimed I DID NOT have gap insurance to cover that 8,000 but of course offered a bunch of ways to finance it, GEEE THANKS.After a week of crying and losing my mind over 8,000 I owed on a destroyed car. I called again spoke to 4 different idiots just to find out I DID in fact have gap insurance LIKE I KNEW I DID.Yet it took them months and months, probably 3 months to finish the correspondence with the people at GAP who pay your destroyed vehicle off.Meaning I had to make the $553 monthly payment to CU1.CU1 claims “Oh Gap takes a while” So I took it upon myself to call Gap and tried to rip them a new one and complain and ask whats taking them so long they said they were waiting on a response and required documents from CU1 and that they we requested them weeks ago.I literally had to call CU1 and make them send the required paperwork right then and there i refused to get off the phone until it was done and then i told them I am calling gap after this call and making sure you guys sent it.They should of put me on there payroll for baby walking them through doing THERE JOB. I never used my savings account ever, No activity in years.Yet it seems like every other time I go through the drive up and ask to deposit my check into checking it ends up in savings because the tellers don’t listen very well.I have a scheduled payment for my american express account to come out and do to pending charges I was short like 13 cents.MY FAULT so i got charged not once but three times a fee. Not once did they think to call me and notify me, no just keep charging me no problem right????So I refused to pay them anything until they reversed some of those fees as a loyal customer of 10 years , 4 car loans later, one motorcycle, credit card, checking that would be the least they could do.They again didn’t so I refused to pay anything . so the $75 I was short on my C.C apparently gave them the authorization to FREEZE a $500 check for $75 payment ? does that make any sense.


Credit Union 1

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