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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against David Gilbert Saffron at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: David Gilbert Saffron
  • Address: Tujunga Avenue
  • City: Los Angeles
  • State: CA
  • Phone: (310) 849-6408
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 0 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against David Gilbert Saffron published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


Jan 5th – attended zoom webinar (zoom meeting id: 251-997-3628) David Saffron presented his Bitcoin trading strategy. Video clip: https://youtu.be/AcSXWX6taZYJan 6th – I invested 50 Bitcoin or $858,050.00 USD into David Saffron’s investment plan. I was told my 50 Bitcoin would be doubled by Tuesday the 9th because of special market conditions.Jan 8th – I flew to Las Vegas late Monday night. I wanted to meet David Saffron in person and other Bitcoin investors. I also planned on collecting my earnings in person.Jan 10th – 1st meeting with David Saffron and other investors. There were approx. 8 people in our lunch party. Meeting lasted around 2 hours. Contact with attorney Mr. David Kagel was made via phone during this event.Jan 11th – 2nd meeting with David Saffron and several other investors at the Vesper Bar & Lounge inside of the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino. I arrived around 12pm and the gathering was already in session. This gathering lasted around 1 hour. We were all invited to David Saffron’s hotel suite at midnight that evening for a party.Jan 13th – I flew home to North Carolina that afternoon.Jan 16th – I sent David Saffron a text message and informed him that I was going to withdraw my seed money of 50 bitcoin the next day which was Wednesday Jan 17th. His reply was: okJan 17th – All the investors that I was in contact with including myself thought this was going to be payday. There was no communication from David Saffron nor did anyone get paid. I am confused because I am trying to calculate when the 21-day trading cycle begins or ends. The terms keep changing and there is zero professional accountability.Jan 23rd – David Saffron is arrested for an old warrant in Fulton County GeorgiaJan 23rd – one on the Bitcoin investors Rodney Burton sent me a photo of David Saffron. His arms are in duct tape and to me, it looks like a prank. Rodney informs me that out of the blue he gets this photo from David Saffron’s phone.Jan 25th – I sent attorney David Kagel an email asking about David Saffron and to verify the bitcoin wallet balance amount.Jan 25th – I called attorney David Kagel to follow up with a conversation that we started on January 10th while I was in Las Vegas. Toward the end of my consultation I am told that David Saffron had an accident. David Kagel said his client was roughed up and gun was pulled on him and in bad shape. He also stated that David Saffron had his phone and computer taken from him. He went on to say that David Saffron would be out of commission for a few weeks. I immediately wish David a speedy recovery and asked if the 1,000 Bitcoin wallet was safe. Mr. Kagel did not seem to understand how to access the bitcoin but assured me that everything was going to be okay.Jan 26th – I contact 3 of the investors that I personally know and all are thinking that David Saffron is a scam artist including myself.Jan 30th – retained the Murrin Law Firm 7045 E Los Santos Dr, Long Beach, CA 90815 to represent our group of investors. As a group we have contacted attorney David Kagel and followed the 10 day return of deposit followed by the 5 business notice for returned deposit from the unrestricted access notice.February 1st – ten-day notice letter for return of deposit is sent to Mr. Kagel and Mr. SaffronFebruary 12th – reply letter from attorney David Kagel to Murrin Law firm explains David Saffron had personal and legal issues. This letter states David Saffron will contact and return deposits to all investors.Feb 15th – second letter sent to attorney David Kagel (5 day further notice for return of deposit) is requested and asked that written agreements be honored.Feb 16th – David Saffron post bail and is released from jail in Georgia.Feb 17th – a post is made on David Saffron’s Facebook account. The notice states it is from Alan Saffron David’s father. The timeline and events listed say that David was in a coma the same time that he was in jail.Feb 26th – Frank Calabro Jr contacts David Saffron via text message. David Saffron states he has my 50 coins and it will be included in the group total refund of 206.5, this amount will be sent to my lawyer in 3 days or on March 1st 2018. I documented this entire conversation.Feb 27th – Frank Calabro Jr contacts David Saffron via text message. David reply back with he will refund my 50 bitcoin by midnight March 1st 2018. He also asks for my bitcoin wallet address.March 1st – email from attorney David Kagel stating that bitcoin will be returned at some point.March 1st  – Murrin Law Firm replies to David Kagel letter.March 2nd – Frank Calabro Jr checks his bitcoin wallet address, coins have not been refunded as promised.


David Gilbert Saffron

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