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  • Reported Loss: 2500 $
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I really found the courses prepared by Daymond John funny because they do not teach anything that is helpful. I am an entrepreneur and have been working hard for 10 years to get where I stand now. I was very happy with my success and figured out that I needed to scale my business as well as my skills. When I decided to do that, I came across these programs offered by Daymond on Demand. To be frank, I literally liked the way these courses have been proposed on the website. What I did not like now is the way these people have tried to scam everyone by offering these useless programs.Everything that has been demonstrated on the website is fake. I have tried the program myself and there was not even a second I felt I have done the right thing. Can you imagine paying $2497 a month for a program that ends without giving you any important message or adding more to your existing skill? I never thought I would ever spend my hard earned money on some foolish training program, but I ended doing so. This is all because John very well know how to present himself.People have talked about so many good things about this guy on his website. I am not sure which ones are true because I never felt this way after learning what he has to provide to his students. Can you trust this guy who says that he can help make your business thrive without any guarantees? I made the mistake and would never want anyone to fall for his lies. I am an entrepreneur but I lost 30 percent of my stake for very little money because of this guy.His team is incapable of resolving problems. The interactive web based videos also suck. The website says that the login id would be provided as soon as one purchases the program. When I purchased the program, they did send me the login credentials which did not work. I emailed them the problem and they completely ignored my email.It took them three days to sort out the problem. I was waiting relentlessly to start my program and somewhere in my mind, I was also worried thinking what if the program was a scam because the credentials did not work. There was no way to reset the password. Actually, the login id wasn’t recognizable. After all this mess, I got my credentials after three days. On fourth day, when I started using the credentials, I was thrown out of the account automatically after every few minutes. They again took so many days to resolve that problem.After that, I started having trouble with the videos as they were very basic and I demanded for something that could actually help me. They said that I would have to go in steps and I required to complete the basics first. However, even after the completion of the course I did not find anything that was more than just basics. When I tried to ask questions and know more about the topics, my questions were never answered. I really started believing that these guys have no clue what they are teaching.I am sure they know nothing about businesses and entrepreneurship. All they know is how to cheat others. Halfway through the course, I tried to access more information and emailed my request to the team. I suggested few inclusions of topics that may help other joiners as well. However, they again did not find any necessity to provide an explanation for not including those topics. Moreover, my login id always gave me hard time. I was sick of these problems and decided to quit. I even asked if they can refund my money as I was not looking forward to carry on with the program.However, they said that they had no choice but to refuse the request. Daymond John videos are very enthralling but they only are designed to lure people into buying his courses. There is nothing more to it. One can only feel daunted after purchasing his program as they do not provide any important tips. And, the team never helps anyone.My refund request was completely ignored. To this date, I have been trying to get my money back. And, the keep refusing to do so. Sometimes, they even hang up on me. Not just that, these people are very cunning. They know how to turn all of their mistake as if it is yours. I am not eligible for refund because I was the one who did not give attention to the details. I have been clearing all my quizzes without even looking at their videos because they taught what every experienced entrepreneur would know by heart.These guys are sick and mental. They have no idea what are they doing. They are insanely cheating others. People like me join the program offered by Daymond John to learn and explore new possibilities. And, these guys make you go crazy because of so many troubles they generate.All the while, I really tried hard to stick to the program but all of the videos are filled with brags and remarks that can get you into loss. I did fall for one of their tips and ended up selling some stake of my business at a lower rate. I never planned to do so. But these guys led me to that path. Now, I am regretting that I followed what they asked me to do. Their program is useless. If you wish to save money and do not want to get into some crap course, stop right there. Do not pay Daymond John. Daymond on Demand website promises everything but you won’t be able to get even 5% of what they promise. These are lies and you must stay away from it.


Daymond on Demand

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