Denise M Cuthbert (Likely a Pseudonym) Review

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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Denise M Cuthbert (Likely a Pseudonym) at


Business Details –

  • Name: Denise M Cuthbert (Likely a Pseudonym)
  • Address:
  • City:
  • State:
  • Phone:
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 2380 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Denise M Cuthbert (Likely a Pseudonym) published at says, verbatim –


Completely Out-of-the-Blue and Unsolicited by you personally, an email Letter is sent to you but addressed generically as “Sir/Ma’am”. In response, you are asked to reply and provide your FULL NAMES / ADDRESS / CITY / PROVINCE / POST CODE (sic) / PHONE# / and PRESENT OCCUPATION. An enormous salary of $890/weekly will be dangled in front of you to basically act as a “Girl Friday/Gopher” “running errands, creating orders/pick slips/invoices and sending out packages”.Why you only have to work 2 days/a week and 3 hours daily. Too Good to be True? You betcha! A Large Bogus Cheque made out to you personally from a Non-Existent Company is couriered out to you from a 3rd Party Individual. You are to deposit these funds (Over $2000 Cdn) into your account; then you will be requested to send out Large Sums (Just under $1000) from this “Account” via Moneygram and Western Union to yet another Anonymous 3rd Party Recipient living in the U.S.A. or God knows, Elsewhere(?).Though it sounded implausibly enticing at first, sumpthin’ sure-as-hell smelt “fishy” about this proposal to me right from the get-go. However, with further discussions with colleagues and the local police constabulary I finalized my initial impression that it was an out-and-out SCAM; Big Time! Moreover, it is further evident to me now that this SCAM is comprised of a Network of Corrupt, Exploitive Shysters living in different parts of the country and co-ordinating their efforts together with the single minded purpose of RIPPING YOU OFF, Big Time!Caveat Emptor: DON’T FUCKIN’ FALL PREY TO THIS EXPLOITIVE SCAM!


Denise M Cuthbert (Likely a Pseudonym)

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