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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Dr. Byung-Gook Park at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Dr. Byung-Gook Park
  • Address: Oconnor Drive
  • City: San Jose
  • State: CA
  • Phone: (408) 885-0807
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 4377 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Dr. Byung-Gook Park published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


I was initially forced to see Dr. Byung-Gook Park due to my health insurance, so I call to set up an appointment.I call and he answers the phone, I say I’d like to schedule an appointment, this is my first time.He gets me in quickly (Which was cool/same day) I go in, and it’s really old and disheveled looking, very strong musty smell.I’m the only one there, so I fill out the paperwork and I go into his office/exam room, completely cluttered.It looks like a home office, with a table to lay on. Books and papers laying everywhere, and I can’t even recall if the exam room has a door on it (this is important).When I sit down in the chair, he starts talking to me about something, (I honestly don’t know exactly what, his English is very broken) and then out of nowhere, says, “You fat, get on scale so I can weigh how fat you are” I laugh, cause yeah, I’m fat.I’m not lazy or grotesquely “I can’t walk on my own” overweight, so I say, “Is that the technical term there, doc?” he goes, “No, you just fat”.By that time, he tells me to sit on the patient table thingy, with no paper and then like 4 people come in and sit down, I ask him if he is going to close the door, and he mutters “(something something), it’s ok” and starts examining me.So, there I am laid out on the bed thingy, with a group of Asian folks staring at me, smiling, while he keeps telling me I’m probably diabetic and I have high blood pressure, and how did I get so fat? I don’t have any of those problems, I just wanted a check up, Chantix, and a recommendation to help lose weight.He tells me I need blood work, and that I need to do a follow up, but he would give me one month supply for the Chantix.I was like, “cool, ok.” then he checks my blood pressure with a LONG’S DRUGS BRAND BATTERY OPERATED BLOOD PRESSURE CUFF. I’m thinking to myself, “this doctor is unreal.”All of a sudden, the phone rings, he doesn’t answer and lets it go to voicemail, I think, but of course, he has a 1970’s answering machine.Some poor lady is leaving what she thinks, is a confidential message about her health and medications, and i’m listening to the entire thing, while he rants on about some thing I couldn’t even understand.Before he asks for payment, he mentions I’m fat one last time, so I said, “Yeah, I’ve been told that once or twice before, but has anyone told you about halitosis? You’re breath is killing me, Yuk mouth” He gets mad and says, “You need to pay me $30” So I hand him my card.He says, “No take card, need cash or check.” Since this isn’t 1996, I don’t have my checkbook on me. I tell him I will pay him next visit.I call a few times to bring him the cash, but he’s almost never available.I finally get ahold of him and he starts bitching about the $30 bucks.I tell him, “Dude, you’re never in the office.” He tells me that I should’ve just dropped the cash in his mailbox and that he’s a very busy man at the hospital, like I’m supposed to know his schedule.I told him I would come at that exact moment with the cash, because I’m not gonna drop any cash in a box without a receipt.He says, “I’m going to work at hospital now, I don’t have time to waste, drop it in mail box.”His ridiculous methods made me angry, so I said, “Dude, I’ll hand you the cash, but you’re fucking nuts if you think I’m gonna trust that you won’t lie about receiving it.I can see by you’re office that you’re not all there.” he goes, “I don’t need the money, I’m doctor. I make more than you”So I said, “Then hire a fucking maid and buy a toothbrush, dick breath, you’re a garbage doctor.”He then called me fat……again, for the last time. lol.


Dr. Byung-Gook Park

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