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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Dr. Dudley Danoff at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Dr. Dudley Danoff
  • Address: Beverly Boulevard
  • City: Los Angeles
  • State: CA
  • Phone: 13104235000
  • Website: http://www.csmc.edu/
  • Reported Loss: 7000 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Dr. Dudley Danoff published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


I was having pain while urinating and my tests suggested that I had a benign cyst in my kidney. I saw a doctor and he told that I needed to increase my liquid intake and if it does not cure, I will have to go through a minor surgery. I was seeing him. However, he had to leave the town for some urgent work. Hence, I contacted Dr. Dudley Danoff who happened to be closest to my place. He seemed nice at first. He saw my reports and sonography reports. He suggested that the problem was bigger than the previous doctor projected and I needed an immediate surgery. Listening to which, I asked if I could wait a little longer for few days. I needed that time to verify with my doctor if his suggestions were authentic.I was also sceptical about the way he kept stressing me for the surgery. He said that if I do not get admitted to the hospital in 24 hours, there would be complications. He made sure I was highly scared before I left his clinic. It was late in the evening and I had no clue what to think. He said that he had a slot for the next morning. If I did not get admit, I won’t be able to get any closest date for the surgery. It felt as if someone was after me and forcing me to just give up and go for the surgery. I had to chance to talk to anyone educated enough to suggest me something. And, I was scared.So, I decided to get admitted early in the morning. He made me go through an unnecessary prostate surgery. He said that the surgery won’t take much longer but as I remembered, he took more than an hour to complete the surgery. After the surgery was over, I was in the hospital for five days. He came only twice, that too on request to check my condition. When I told him about the pain I was going through, he neglected my words. He never listened to me. Whenever I said that I was in pain, he just replied saying that it was in my head. What rubbish? How can it be just in my head when I was actually feeling the pain?I even asked him if there was any chance, I had caught infections. He replied that I was overthinking. He never gave straight answers to me. He was always trying to reject my claims and was very furious whenever I tried to talk more than 2 minutes about the pain. He would stop me. He kept me in the hospital for five days. After that, he released me saying that everything was fine. While I was leaving, I wanted to meet him. However, he asked his assistant to provide me with the medication list and explain me what I needed to do, the precautions and all.I kept asking for his appointment. But the nurses told me that I would need to make an appointment beforehand on call to meet him. So, I went home and called the next day. I was given a date two days later. It was a Sunday. And, the doctor was not available. When I checked in, I was told that the doctor does not see patients on Sundays. It was such a horrible mistake to make.I said that I was given an appointment for that date. However, they asked me to call again and said that it could have been a mistake as I was not registered with them for the appointment. They blamed me for not listening to them properly.Anyway, I took an appointment three days later. As they were again booked. I do not know how they keep ignoring patients who have gone through such critical surgery at their hospital. But I had no choice. I had to wait. So, I waited.The day the appointment was scheduled, the doctor came three hours late. I was told that he was busy with an emergency surgery inside the clinic. But I saw him entering the clinic three hours late. When I met him, I told him about the continuous pain. I said that the painkillers worked for few hours and once their affect minimizes, the pain again take over. I again advised him to see if there was any infection, and he became furious. He told me that I was not in a position to suggest him about my own condition. He told me that I was only thinking about pain and that is why I had started feeling it too. That day, he told me to go see a shrink and that he was not at fault. He said that his surgery was very much successful.So, I consulted another doctor. The other doctor checked me thoroughly and looking at the previous reports, he told me that the surgery was never needed. The cyst was very small and all I needed was a lot of water. That is all.He also said that I had infections because of the surgery and if not treated right away, could spread. So, I was admitted to E.R. I had a serious prostatitis infection. Can you imagine how irresponsible this guy is? A doctor of his stature is not expected to make such irresponsible mistakes. He was not even mistaken. He did all this for money. He is not a true doctor. He must be banned from treating people. He is a life sucker. Dr. Dudley Danoff is a scammer. He is a parasite. He sucks patients’ blood and builds his savings. I am never ever going to see him again. He is such a fraud that he should not be trusted.I would suggest you all not to ever see him. Or, you may end up getting into serious problems like I did. He is good for nothing. He would never listen to you and would impose his inferences even if they are fake. He would let you believe that you are the one responsible for your condition. He would never admit his fault and he would take away your peace. So, beware. And, stay away from him.


Dr. Dudley Danoff

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