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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Dr. Jaclynn Do at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Dr. Jaclynn Do
  • Address: Westminster Boulevard
  • City: Westminster
  • State: CA
  • Phone: (714) 899-9898
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 2887 $
  • Severity of Scam: Medium


Original Complaint against Dr. Jaclynn Do published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


Ever wonder why Dr. Jaclynn Do’s has an overall cumulative average of 1/4 stars? Because history repeats itself, its a combination of bad experiences.I feel bad writing this bad review for Do and her staff but I’ve had four bad experiences coming here, twice with my self and once with each one of my parents.I need to take the time to write out this review to help save a life because I wouldn’t want any of my loved ones or yours coming here for fear that it’ll cost them their life and let’s be honest preventative care is really important which I did not experience here after several attempts.Fool me once, shame on her but fool me four times shame on me for even giving her the benefit of the doubt numerous times after she has failed me!I had a deep superficial road rash abrasion on my left knee from a road accident…when I went into her office she didn’t examine it she just eyeballed it!!she didn’t refer me to a specialist that could stitch it up or give me any advice or even a bandaid.She left it exposed! She just charged me a $25 copay that I never got back!Now six years later, I’m stuck looking at this damaged piece of skin because of poor medical direction and lack of clinical care that I received from her.Second time around I decide to go in out of conveyance and because I’m pretty healthy and didn’t feel a sense of urgency to research another doctor and go thru the trouble of insurance verification again and also since it was close by with no wait (now I know why!!) for a doctor’s note to turn in to my employer post cold to clear me to return to work and I’ll give her credit, she did print out a generic letter and sign it… But then she starts talking about how she wears skirts to avoid yeast infections to let it breathe… The heck, I came in for a doctor’s note and am yeast infection free and have not ever been diagnosed with stds.Nor did I have any abnormal symptoms waist down. Thanks for the irrelevant advice.My parents just moved to Orange county from out of state and were randomly referred here due to the close proximity to their home, mom has a basic non complex / non critical condition but complained that she could not tolerate her generic prescription.Jackie Do did not suggest a follow up appointment, decrease the dosage, ask important questions or suggest a change… She continued to keep my mom on that same med even though her insurance covers medications triple the cost. My mom was smart enough to go elsewhere asap!Dad was referred here by another friend because his primary care physician retired.He came in to get a refill on a statin but Jackie Do prescribed him a way cheaper statin even though he’s been on that same statin for 5 years, no issues with insurance, no complaints.Studies show his old statin is much better for someone with as many chronic conditions as he has.They used alcohol from a bottle with a cotton ball to draw blood…. Not a prepackaged alcohol swab.How unsanitary. Yuck! My dad was very displeased and felt like he was at a hospital in the undeveloped country of Vietnam in 1960.Trying to give an unbiased, factual review so you can be the judge of her services but please I ask you, if you are a family member of a loved one that is a patient here please be proactive to get the good resources for them and screen your parent or loved one for any disease /condition they may have.This clinician does not care. Does not know better mismanaged office… A lot of chaos!I waited 6 years to write this review, nothing has changed. If you are new to the area or cannot read English please do yourself a favor and do not come here.I would pick a first year med student or hell even a doctor from Tijuana to treat me over her.All the negative reviews on here from her English speaking pts are correct.I’m surprised her lisc isn’t suspended or revoked!Neu ban quan tâm ?en ban thân ?ung ?i thoi van phong nay!Edit: years later, i am still pissed. But to her credit she is doing something right that’s why her lisc isn’t revoked: she treats her friends and family right, hence the couple 5 star reviews she gets


Dr. Jaclynn Do

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