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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Dr. Jeffrey Blue at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Dr. Jeffrey Blue
  • Address: Civic Center Drive
  • City: Santa Clara
  • State: CA
  • Phone: (408) 404-4700
  • Website: http://ptrsports.com
  • Reported Loss: 4327 $
  • Severity of Scam: Medium


Original Complaint against Dr. Jeffrey Blue published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


Well I read the reviews and thought since i was a nurse i would get good care. No i didnt.I went in with a infected foot. You would think once he saw what my foot looked like he would clean the wound put some medication on it put a telfa pad on it and wrap it.Well he did the opposite he came in with a computer introduced himself sat down and asked whats wrong.I told him mainly about my foot all he did was removed my previous green bandage which indicted an infection.Put a telfa pad on it did not clean it with any special wipes of any kind just regular wipes.. Wrapped with an ace bandage told me to go to a foot doctor to take care of the problem do you know it takes awhile to get an appointment not the next day.I was in pain all night long it really hurt when a friend of mine came over and removed the bandage and looked at the wound it was totally infected.Couldnt believe a doctor would send me out the door and not take care of it and then give me a referrel for another doctor.Total neglect.Im not going back to this doctor again. He acts like a doctor from Kaiser Hospital turn and burn the patients.Forget this thank god i knew what to do to take care of this problem I poured Hydrogen Perioxide of which he told me not to do and put neosporin ointment on it thank god.Im not impressed at all. Very disappointed especially after reading all the positive on this guy. What a mistake it was to see Dr. Jeffrey Blue.He was nice but thats it. I was totally in pain for many hours totally unexceptable.The thing is this doctor knew better. Supposed to be also a sports medicine doctor yea right!Also forgot to mention the staff they came to my car since im disabled and picked me up.Didnt know how to work the wheelchair i had to show them that.Since he is a sports medicine doctor as well you would think his staff would know how to take care of a disabled person.I guess it takes all kinds to find the right doctor who looks into and not just the surface.He was really nice that was good but as for my care a 0. Very bad.


Dr. Jeffrey Blue

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