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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Dr. John Clothier at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Dr. John Clothier
  • Address: Willie Mays Plaza
  • City: San Francisco
  • State: CA
  • Phone: (415) 947-3096
  • Website: http://dhmf.org
  • Reported Loss: 5444 $
  • Severity of Scam: Medium


Original Complaint against Dr. John Clothier published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


If you’re looking for a doctor who will interrupt and talk over you, make arbitrary decisions about your health without listening to you or any fact finding of any kind, then Dr. John Clothier is your guy.After waiting 4-5 weeks for the appt, I met with Dr. John Clothier and was completely shocked by the entire experience.He started by telling me he got my messages through the online portal and apologized for not getting back to me (I notified his office up front and through messaging on their portal the nature of my visit, which was discussing a cycling accident as well as consulting on a possible weight management medication).We then began discussing my cycling accident and that I had some lingering pain in my AC joint, and without letting me finish or any fact finding whatsoever about context or what I’d already been doing to rehab, he cut me off and told me I needed to start lifting weights to strengthen the joint along with a lot of other information that I felt was premature without even letting me finish or give any kind of examination of my shoulder.We then began discussing my weight and again, before I could get two full sentences out and without any fact finding at all, he was telling me I needed to eat more vegetables, split meals with my partner, graze throughout the day, and start swimming for an hour after my workouts.Which is fine, except had he taken the time to actually listen to me or ask me probing questions, he may have ascertained that I nearly always eat a balanced diet, cannot graze throughout the day as I’m in meetings most of the day where eating is not appropriate, and work 60+ hours a week so doubling my workout durations when I’m doing my best to get my current routine in around all other life commitments is not practical.I very literally had to cut him off and explain this to him a number of times as he was telling me all these things I needed to do without any time spent getting to know my situation or actually listen to me.And when I did explain my situation, his response was (and I’m paraphrasing) – “well you’ll need to make it a priority.I used to be a triathlete and was super fit but only made $11k a year so you’ll have to decide similarly.”Um what??I’m sorry doctor but you literally know nothing about me and my situation, what my metabolic disposition is, what my current behaviors are, or what I’m doing to be able to afford to live in the Bay Area.And your advice is to double my workout duration at the expense of what little time I already have to spend with my family or accept a life of poverty? I was truly stunned at this point.After giving a little more background on my situation, I said I wanted to discuss a weight management drug that I thought I’d be an ideal candidate for.But before I could even finish that sentence he cut me off again and said “I don’t do that”.I’m sorry what? “I won’t prescribe those, it’s just my policy.”I explained that I had notified his office/him twice before my visit that I wanted to discuss this with the goal of obtaining a prescription, so it would have been nice to know about this policy instead of wasting weeks waiting for this appt for no reason.He went on to explain that he only “supports” weight loss surgery or lifestyle approaches and that the research is bad on weight management drugs.I asked him if he had ever heard of this particular drug and he said no, and I responded, “so you’re extrapolating your views of an entire field of pharmacology onto a drug that you’ve never even heard of before? I have read all FDA studies and I think this would actually help me.”Again his response was “no”. I told him that this would not be a good doctor patient fit.That if I can’t discuss every aspect of my health without him already having decided what’s best for me without taking any time to get to know me or what I’m suggesting, then I don’t see how this will be helpful for me.I left the office feeling like I wasted weeks of time and totally steamrolled.I would not recommend this doctor to anyone. Go to One Medical instead.


Dr. John Clothier

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