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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Dr. Kevin Chan at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Dr. Kevin Chan
  • Address: South Warner Elliot Loop
  • City: Phoenix
  • State: AZ
  • Phone: (480) 961-2366
  • Website: http://pineapplehealth.org
  • Reported Loss: 150 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Dr. Kevin Chan published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


At first I was surprised to see the low ratings here for Dr. Kevin Chan. Boy, do I get it now. I too followed the providers from Forever Family Healthcare. I’ll first say, the USED to have such a friendly staff. From getting appts same day or next, to check in, to the nurses. All great making me feel welcome and IMPORTANT to them, and never waiting long before I saw the lpn. Well, last two appointments, I noticed they were all gone. I asked weeks ago for my records, specifically asking for all records including those from Forever Family. I paid at that time.A couple weeks later, I was called in to discuss Brain MRI. I couldn’t get into see Jennifer, for over a week, and my symptoms which led to the MRI and 4 others scared me, plus the fact that the front office girl made it sound I needed to get in sooner, scared me more. I went to see Kerri lpn (not Fedorick). First I had to pay the 80.00 I did question it, but accepted the “office” policy. When I met with Kerri, she showed me the MRI, I read, moderate chronic ischemic diseaseShe explained it using heart artery blockage analogy. I asked her to clarify, and was talked to like a child. I asked about trigeminal nuerolgia which Jennifer thought was causing my extreme headaches (it’s called the suicide desease for a reason) she didn’t know, or know how hard it was to even shower which triggered another whole headpain.she tried to hand me a “how to lower cholesterol” pamplet. I tried to explain I have already lost 150lbs unitentially, had the best blood work in years, couldn’t eat the foods suggested due to colitis (actually can’t eat much at all) and I was told before to add salt to my diet, because my blood pressure constantly drops. She said, well she wants you to see a neurologist. I must have said something about cost of all this, because she said, “yeah Jennifer told me you didn’t have insurance”. Really?!? That’s the important thing here? I try so hard not to cry, not to advocate too much, because I do have a mental disorder which I know can create a bias.I knew how long getting into a specialist is her answer “tell them your doctor said to get you in soon. Sure that works, no offer to help me get in. I did ask for a small amount of pain meds just until I got in. Nope, they don’t treat cronic pain patients. I know that, I was med compliant with them for 2 years, weaned myself off too quickly (according to research based facts) dealt with the withdrawals. Would not go to PM. They don’t like mental patients either, and have dealt with the pain just surviving praying someone would just care enough. I could not hold back tears. Then “take a walk, you’ll feel better”. I should have, let my dizziness, unsteadiness lead to another fall.I left stopping up front to find out about my records, there was nothing about the request or that I did pay. The girl upfront seemed new, said she’d check and get them. I just said thanks. After telling my mother’s nurse she said you need to complain, get your money back. Asking if she even suggested anything (suppliment, baby aspirin) nope nothing. I just didn’t want to be labeled “difficult”Then, I call about other MRIs was not asked to come in, just see a spine specialist, and an ortho, and I’ll send you the copies. Okay, why the change in “policy”? I knew, heaven forbid I cried, I was labeled. Why am I sharing all this? Because I called to speak to office manager, I was asked why, I should have just said no, but I didn’t, I tried to explain. The rudness, argumentative attitude I got! I have proof, off that call and my response. I could feel their desire to dump me (abandoment) I was told this office manager would return my call, she was on another line. No call. I had to drop by to get my records yesterday, again no proof I paid, I told her I had the receipt at home, could I just send a copy please? I guess she believed me then I looked at the tiny packet, asked her where the rest of them?. Oh, if you want records from your time with forever family their in storage.OMG…those were specifically what I needed. I’ve had to apply for disability, if the records they got sent are what I looked at, no wonder I got denied. Misinformation, no notes, wrong meds, and Just to add a bit of more salt to my wounds, a diagnosis of mental disorder I had to look up. Basically some lpn decided my grief over losing my dad after a 6 month agonizing death, was too much! I didn’t realize you had a licensed psychatrist there. How dare you assume the appropriate amount of grief? I’m sharing all this in hopes to grab Dr. Chan’s attention that I recognize what your trying to do and know all procedures you must take to not get an abandoment complaint. I know of cognitive bias and I know you promise to do no harm, includes mental torture too.


Dr. Kevin Chan

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