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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Dr. Masami Hattori at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Dr. Masami Hattori
  • Address: California Street
  • City: San Francisco
  • State: CA
  • Phone: (415) 292-9756
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 6544 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against Dr. Masami Hattori published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


Do yourself a favor and find a different pain management doctor. Dr Masami Hattori is the worst doctor that I have encountered.Upon meeting Dr Hattori, I informed him that I have a high pain tolerance, and that I don’t want to be all “doped up/ high”.I informed Dr Hattori, what was wrong with me, and what has been done previously to treat the reoccurring injury.Another doctor had already diagnosed me two years before meeting Dr Hattori.Dr Hattori ignored, what I told him, and he scheduled me to have an MRI that ultimately confirmed, what I had said.At our 1st appointment, Dr Hattori had me sign a contract, wherein, I promised to follow Dr Hattori’s orders, and not to self medicate.In turn, Dr Hattori would “take care” of my pain. Then, Dr Hattori prescribed me pills that had severe side effects and Opioid patches that dispense a constant supply of Opioids and had to be worn 24/7.Of note, Dr Hattori’s course of treatment conflicted with my requisite that I didn’t want to be all doped up, and with other doctor’s previous courses of treatment.Moreover, Dr Hattori’s prescribed course of Opioid treatment was/is highly addictive.It took a month to get an MRI appointment, and remember, I signed a contract to do, what the doctor ordered.I took the pills and applied the Opioid patches religiously as prescribed. Within hours of beginning the pills, I was bed ridden.I had lost all sense of equilibrium, and I lost my ability to see entirely.My eyes couldn’t focus, and they were jittering uncontrollably.I was literally stumbling and walking into door frames, as I couldn’t position myself properly or safely.Later, I learned that the pills were being prescribed for an “off label” use.That’s right! Dr Hattori prescribed me a medication that wasn’t approved for the purpose that he had prescribed it for.Further, the Opioid patches were equally debilitating. All month long and all day long, I was inebriated to the point that I couldn’t drive.With certainty, I couldn’t operate anything with a chance of danger like a machinery, and slowly I fear that now, I may have become addicted to Dr Hattori’s prescribed Opioids.I am writing this review, having left Dr Hattori’s office, after I believe that we have had our second and last appointment.I am hurt and disturbed by tangible harm, neglect, perceived malpractice and discrimination, and a potential violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.At this point, I am afraid that Dr Hattori has hooked me on drugs, and he has abruptly ended our relationship, after our second visit.He told me that he didn’t think that we had a very good rapport, and when I asked him, what he was referring to, he told me that he couldn’t articulate, what he was feeling. Then, Dr Hattori said, “the energy between us just didn’t feel right”.WTF? Wow! My physician, my medical doctor, Dr Hattori was talking about the “energy” between us.Was he for real? As I understood our relationship, It was a professional one, in which, I was entrusting my physical health to a supposed healthcare professional.I am sorry. but, I expect Dr Hattori to be able to articulate himself, if he is to be trusted with my life.Granted, I did question his course of treatment, when after a month, we weren’t getting anywhere with, what he was prescribing.Moreover, I did express that the acute incidences of pain were still affecting me negatively, and that I didn’t understand, why he was reluctant to treat me, similarly to previous doctors.I reiterated that I still didn’t want to be doped up all the time, as honestly, my quality of life had declined significantly, since I had been put on the Opioid patches.However, I would think that Dr Hattori, like other my other doctors, would be impressed that I am in touch with my body.That I take responsibility for my healthcare. That I have extensive knowledge of my condition and health history, and that I am aware of and in control of my treatment options.Unfortunately, Dr Hattori appears to care little for input from his patients regarding their own health.He seems to think that he knows, what’s best for you, and you don’t.He seems to prescribe heavy Opioid drugs, when they’re not needed or wanted, and he seems to over-medicate his patients without care for the highly addictive nature of the drugs that he is prescribing.Now, Dr Hattori won’t take responsibility for possibly hooking me on his addictive drugs, and when I asked what I should do to ween myself off of them slowly, as I understand is appropriate, he told me that we were done, and that he had given me a list of other doctors to call.Really, that was Dr Hattori’s response. Call someone else. He never tried to heal my injury.He only treated the symptom, and he told me to leave, when I asked him to treat the cause of the problem.What a racket! It appears, that Dr Hattori provides no real care and prescribes addictive drugs to use his patients as ATM’s.


Dr. Masami Hattori

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