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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Dr. Muttalip Keser at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Dr. Muttalip Keser
  • Address: Çankaya Caddesi
  • City:
  • State: Ankara
  • Phone: +90-505-4670842
  • Website: http://www.drkeser.com
  • Reported Loss: 5000 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Dr. Muttalip Keser published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


I am very much disappointed by the work that Dr. Muttalip Keser did on me. The result was devastating. I was already sceptical about the journey to a different country for my hair transplant. But, Dr. Keser cost lured me into travelling. This was just a trap. The actual cost with everything included was much more than the estimated cost, he presented to me. I am from the United States. I had my conversation with him on phone.Dr. Keser provided me with emails of few of his patients and asked me to contact them if I wanted to see Dr. Keser before and after images. I was convinced and contacted one from the list. He did provide me the pictures, but he had only one. I should have known that it was fake. But, I really did not bother keeping the cost in mind.Dr. Kesar 2017 results are very well depicted with flying colours on web and I got fooled with those fake posting. I travelled to Turkey in March. Dr. Keser fue cost was already intimated to me on mail. But, after meeting him, he checked my scalp and the severity of baldness, which I know was minimum, increased the cost to almost double the said amount.I was already there and had no option to accept that. It was a small FUE procedure with 1100 grafts. I have receded temples. He worked to restore it but used more grafts than was required and got me an inappropriate low hairline.He did it intentionally to make more money. I did not get an idea until the hair grew a little. That was after a month of graft and I was back to USA. I mailed him my photos and he denied seeing any problems. During the procedure, I felt a lot of pain when he said that there won’t be any. The pain killer he gave, did not good either. I was in continuous pain for a week. There was swelling of my nose which stayed for couple of weeks.I had to take medication for that too. Dr. Keser and his staffs were ignorant about the issues. I had my flight after 15 days and I tried to ask them number of dos and don’ts. However, whenever I tried to ask for consulting him, I was given next time slot. Before leaving, I got into the office without permission and I was told that I would receive a mail listing all the guidelines.Till date, I have not received any such mail from them. The staffs were very unfriendly and rude. I was stuck at dr. Keser clinic and paid much more than I was told. The treatment was very obvious, and the redness stayed for quite some time. I was fooled into travelling to another country and getting a service that was too expensive than I was made to believe.People were staring at me even after a week of my treatment. This was because the HT that I had was visible because of his bad work. I have known many doctors in the USA who are great at grafts. I thought of saving few bucks and ultimately paid more.Dr. Keser and his HLC clinic is pathetic. They do not maintain hygiene and the place is a dump. You will find staffs using dirty clothes for patients. It stinks a lot. There is no proper cleanliness team to manage the clinic. The room where I was operated was also filthy. The bathrooms were worse. In short, dr. keser and his entire team was busy in looting customers and were not giving them the proper attention that the patients needed. I had to ask thrice for same thing at least.Dr. Keser is a fraud and lied to me about everything. I would never recommend him to anyone. He is a cheater. He tricks people from around the world. Never fall for his cheap rates. That is just a way to lure people into signing up for his treatment. Once, he finds that you don’t have a choice, he shows his real colours. It is better if you search in depth before consulting him.


Dr. Muttalip Keser

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