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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Dr Walkiris Robles at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Dr Walkiris Robles
  • Address: Calle Manuel María Castillo
  • City: Santo Domingo
  • State: Distrito Nacional
  • Phone: 1 809-897-0902
  • Website: http://www.drarobles.com
  • Reported Loss: 5000 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Dr Walkiris Robles published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


I am here to raise my voice against the misjust that happened to me at Dr Walkiris Robles clinic. I am from the US and only understand English. When we shared email while I was still deciding about the surgery, I was told that I would find someone at the clinic who spoke at least 50% of English. But, when I reached, the staffs were barely able to understand me. They only spoke 10% English. Her office only has two rooms and a bathroom. With just handful of staff, her office is poorly managed.A lady took my info and it was difficult to communicate with her. She got my luggage and showed me the way to the office. I met Dr Walkiris Robles and we had to struggle talking as she used only 5% English. I had already discussed my case with her on email, so that was a relief as she knew what I was there for. I wanted tummy tuck, lipo and arm lift.It is rare that you would come across Dr Walkiris Robles bad reviews on the internet as she has painted the entire profile with bright colours. However, I have heard about the Dr robles dominican republic deaths. You can search about it and will find your answers. Wish, I had known it earlier.Dr robles will listen to you but will do what she thinks would suit you, without caring about your preferences. That entire day, I was running around the clinic for tests. They do not have central AC and have swamp coolers. Same at the recovery center.I was allotted a room at 9 PM at night. I was tired and when I asked for my luggage which they had submitted with themselves when I arrived there, they refused. They locked me out of the office and asked me to make the entire payment to get access of my luggage. I kept banging on the door for several minutes when they finally let me in.I had to be rude and told them that I was tired and would make the payment next day. I was using my credit card and the business office get closed by then. So, I said that I cannot make the payment at that time and I really needed to rest. They finally were convinced. I made the payment very next day. My surgery happened that day itself. When I woke up, I found that she had not done Lipo the way I wanted and what I paid for.After I was shifted to the recovery center, my legs and arms started swelling, it was too bad that I could not walk. Dr. Walkiris Robles facebook and Dr Walkiris Robles Instagram pages are filled with many fake reviews as well. I assume that because what she did to me, was not accidental.I was not visited after surgery by Dr Walkiris Robles. Her assistant visited once in a while. When I complained about the swelling, she told it would be okay. During my last appointment, I asked if I needed any paper for the flight. I wanted wheelchair and they needed to know that I was released before I left the airport.She said I wont require anything. She gave her phone number and asked to give that number to the person at the airport. I did the same, and the number did not connect as it was a wrong number. I had to call their office and the lady said that all the documents were in my luggage. They literally threw everything out of my luggage and pinned me down to check for the papers. There was nothing in there. I somehow got out of there. But, I really wish I had never opted for her services. She is a fraud and highly unprofessional.


Dr Walkiris Robles

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