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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against ECA Ductworks at


Business Details –

  • Name: ECA Ductworks
  • Address: Market Street
  • City: Reston
  • State: VA
  • Phone: (703) 509-9052
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 200 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely Low


Original Complaint against ECA Ductworks published at says, verbatim –


I’m first going to provide the abbreviated version… below that you will see the story in its entirety.Reconsider working with E because: 1. He will lie about being licensed 2. He will show up to scheduled appointments hours late 3. He will lie about various things 4. He will promise one thing and take a complete 360 later on down the line 5. He will not create a mechanical plan for the work he will do, he will “free hand it”- and it will make it much harder for any other HVAC company to put the pieces together after the fact. 6. You will pay him 90 percent of the contract price and he will run off with your money, after of course making it appear as if his reasoning is valid.————————–In February of 2017 we began a rehab project in DC, our HVAC contractor we typically use is not licensed to work in DC so I went searching for a company who was in fact. I spoke with E and he assured me he was licensed and could pull permits for the job, this is the first of many lies told by E aka Idris Allen.E was great about showing up to the site to work, the problem with E is his quality of work (something I didn’t realize until months down the line). E was very observant and recommended we part ways with our General Contractor, E stated our Contractors team was hardly showing up and he had overheard them commenting on the low quality work they were planning on doing. Per his recommendation my husband and I parted ways with our General Contractor and hired a General Contractor E spoke very highly of and recommended . E assured me that this General Contractor had worked with him on many projects and always did a great job. E also stated that any modifications this General Contractor would make to his work he would “have us on”, meaning he would not charge us for them.Well the General Contractor E recommended did make modifications to E’s work, and E totally changed his tune in regards to working with the modifications. Furthermore the General Contractor E recommended to us stole thousands from us before we had to part ways with him. We hired a new General Contractor who has worked very quickly to rectify the problems left behind by the prior General Contractor( contractor recommended by E). I asked E to come out and assess what would need to be done seeing as though we wanted to put this project behind us. I even told E we were happy to pay some sort of amount for the needed modifications, I did ask E to take into consideration his prior statement of he would “have us” and the fact he recommended this guy who just couldn’t get the job done and stole so much money from us throughout the process.E flat out told me at the site that he did not want to complete the job and he wanted to just provide us with the equipment paid for and go our separate ways. At this point we had already paid him about 90% of our contract price, so we were taking a huge hit financially. I told him I would work with this and began to coordinate a pick up of the equipment.E called me twice within an hours time after our on site visit and apologized for the situation in its entirety and stated he would be happy to install the equipment if that made our financial burden any less. I thanked him and told him I would get back to him on everything.Today I received an email from E stating he wanted an additional $1,400 prior to releasing the equipment to us. Mind you this is equipment we’ve already paid for, my husband explained this to E. Unfortunately in true E fashion, E resorted to cutting my husband off profusely so only his point would be heard.We’ve hired a new HVAC contractor who will take over the job and provide us with the equipment E was already paid for. We will pursue legal actions to receive monies back that were given to E for his services.Furthermore E is not licensed to work in D.C, he will lie to you about being licensed to earn your business and it will come out down the line. What E will do is charge you $650 so he can “work under/borrow” the license of a colleague who is licensed (this is illegal by the way). E will become verbally aggressive when he feels things are not going his way. We referred business to E and he showed up 2-3 hours late, he did something similar to me at our last meeting; E will value his time but does not value yours. I’ve received multiple estimates for finishing up E’s work, everyone says his work is outdated and he doesn’t use quality materials. A few contractors commented that it looked like he had no real plan for the work he was doing, E confirmed this to be true.STAY AWAY HE IS A CROOK AT BEST


ECA Ductworks

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