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  • Name: eCom Success Academy
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  • Reported Loss: 2500 $
  • Severity of Scam: High


Original Complaint against eCom Success Academy published at says, verbatim –


Have you ever been contacted by any of the sales rep at ecom success academy? You must be the lucky one. Because they are too good at sales that it is rare you would be able to say no to them. I am one who was caught in the hard sales techniques of this man who calls himself the expert at Facebook advertising. I own a business and I have been struggling to make great money through online advertising my products. I have consulted many companies and was in sheer need of someone who could have helped me find the answers to my questions.When I saw competitors raging like bullets on Facebook and other social media sites, I wondered why my strategies are not working. I hired so many people to do so and have been stuck with the same search results. Why I am not at the top page of Google? All these questions bothered me and I was only going to hire some another company from a different state with good records is when I got this call.I was going to sign an agreement with this other company in the evening and the amount were set too. After looking at the course fee which was lower than the contract I was about to sign, I found myself confused. What if the company did not work again? Thinking of all this, I decided to try this course. I also realized that by understanding how Facebook ads work, I would be able to set up things for myself. So, no more cheaters out there would be able to take advantage of my unawareness.After a lot of thinking, I agreed to join the course. The owner of the company, Adrian told me that the course would be a great start of the new beginning. He showed me dreams and told me that I would be able to achieve results that I have never even imagined after learning how easy it is to become viral on these social media networks especially Facebook. It sounded too good to be true. But when you are in need, every solution seems genuine. And, I was desperate to make this thing work. Hence, I took Adrian’s word and joined his ecom success academy.To be honest, I did not find much problem at the start of the course. Because I had no knowledge about how these things work, I thought whatever he was teaching had some reason. Although in between I always had this feeling that if this is so easy, why aren’t other companies able to make it possible. Am I trying in a saturated market and my products are off dated? I wished I could be optimistic. And, I tried. I followed every instruction from the course and waited until I find some results.Days and months passed and nothing came along. I was very disappointed after three months of trying and asked for some advice. Adrian seemed a bit irritated at my questions and told me to wait a bit longer as these things take time. How long was the question and this made him even more fragile. He started telling bad things. He told me that I was incompetent and was incapable of running a business.That was the last time I spoke with him. I did try everything he has included in his expert advice. Nothing worked. Trust me, I am not a fool. I started my business with minimum budget and have been running it for 10 years. After the internet and web searches came rushing in, I was a little late to acknowledge the change and that is when my sales dropped.I am adamant at making this work as I have done it in past. And, seriously, this is not a game for me. I have given more than what I could to this course and have learned what every 12 year boy could do with his Facebook account.On the website, it is written that Adrian has used his Facebook marketing skills to help many multi million dollar companies make huge benefit. However, he hasn’t mentioned the name of even a single company. Isn’t that a bit suspicious? What is to hide? I am running a business and showcasing the previous results only add credibility to one’s website. And, Adrian is all great talks and no work.Ecom success academy has no course that can help anyone find the right solution. It does contain some relevant information. But, that won’t lead anyone anywhere. Who likes to get trapped in the middle of the water and does not know how to cross the river? Adrian has done same thing with the course. He took me to the middle of the sea on a boat and dropped me in the water without any hints about the shore.I do not want to be dramatic here. But, this guy and his course is a scam. It is no wonder why he has some great reviews in his kitty. I tried to contact those people on Facebook who talks good thing about him and they all seem fixed and paid to do so. I am sure there are many ways to cheat and Adrian knows all of those tricks.Ecom success academy took my money and made me a fool. I did get some content on the web for free later. And, got to learn much more than what I learned with this course. I believe that this set up is only started to scam people and make money out of it. If companies are paying such great amount to this guy, why don’t he stick with these services. There is just one answer. Because this is easy money. Once the course is set, all you need to do is find people to pay for it. Ecom success academy should be shut down. Or else, it will keep scamming people. This is a fraud and nothing else.


eCom Success Academy

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