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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Eljay Realty Company at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Eljay Realty Company
  • Address: East 75th Street
  • City: New York
  • State: NY
  • Phone: (212) 744-4981
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 3277 $
  • Severity of Scam: Medium


Original Complaint against Eljay Realty Company published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE! If you can avoid renting from Eljay – do so at all costs!Full story below (it’s long! Sorry):I will preface this by stating that I was sub-leasing my apartment for four months from the original tenants.I did so on good terms with the tenants and with Eljay (or so I thought). Eljay had stated that they were okay with my situation, as the original tenants were family friends of mine, and I even filled out an application through Eljay – giving them personal information for both myself and my roommate.While moving out of this apartment a few months ago, I tried to be as accommodating as possible with one of Eljay’s realtors – Ellie.She had been tasked with renting out the apartment to the next tenant and was supposed to be my contact as I moved out of mine.Upon signing a lease for my next apartment, I realized that my roommate and I needed one extra night at Eljay’s apt. (lease was ending on July 31st) so that we could move into our next apartment on August 1st.Knowing how NYC works, I assumed there would probably be a fee for the late move-out, or that it might not even be possible at all.I spent over a week calling my contact at Eljay every day. Each day, I re-stated my situation to her and asked what the late move-out fee would be.Each time, she told me that she hadn’t had a chance to talk to her company about it, and that I should call again later.In fact, during one of my phone calls, she said she would look into it, then cut me off mid-sentence to ask me if I could make a copy of my key for her, as she had lost hers and needed to be showing my apartment that evening.I naively did so in order to maintain a good relationship with the company.When she showed up at my apartment that evening to show the place, I asked again about the move-out fee, or if moving out a day late was even possible, and she said she had been “too busy” to ask anyone at her office and would find out the following day. Note – the words “too busy to talk to you” were actually used.The following day I asked again, and she again stated that she was “too busy to help [me]” and that I should call Eljay’s office directly and speak with someone else.I first called and reached someone who said they would call back and never did.At this point, I was about a week from my move-out day and eager to schedule movers.I finally called Eljay later that evening and reached Jason – one of Eljay’s realtors who, at long last, stated that as my apartment had not been rented out yet to a new tenant, he would allow me to stay one extra night at no cost – as long as I didn’t stay past August 1st.Relieved, I scheduled movers, and heard nothing from Eljay for the next few days – that is, until July 30th – two days before my assumed move-out.On July 30th in the middle of my workday I received a phone call from Ellie, my primary contact at Eljay.She asked if I had figured out my move-out situation. Confused, I said yes – that I had gotten the go-ahead from Jason to move-out on the 1st of the month. She hung up while I was still mid-sentence.About two hours later I received a phone call from “Marc.”At this point, this was more attention in the span of a couple hours than I’d received from Eljay over the past week and a half – despite all my phone calls and texts.Marc stated that he was a manager at the company, and that Jason “did not have the authority” to tell me I could stay an extra day.Though I told him I didn’t think I should be held liable for the lack of communication within his own company he, very literally, said that it “wasn’t his problem” and that I would be charged $200 to move out a day late.By this time it was too late to re-schedule movers without being charged even more money, too late to find a place to sleep for the night, and too late to request time off work the next day for moving.The icing on the cake? Though Marc had stated that this money would be taken from the security deposit, Ellie texted me shortly thereafter and requested that the check be written in her name and given to her.Seriously, Eljay? Like hell if I was going to write a check out to anyone after finding out that no one in that company has any clue what the other one is doing.Not to mention, by this time I had no idea who “had the authority” to be doing anything in that company.Several months later Eljay has instead decided to charge $500 for the extra day, in addition to a $250 application fee EACH for both my roommate and myself despite there being NO language whatsoever in the application that a fee would be charged. A total of $1000.You decide for yourself, but I would NEVER rent from this company again. Your apartment might be nice, but you will be robbed of your security deposit by a completely unprofessional and unresponsive company.


Eljay Realty Company

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