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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Encyclopedia Dramatica at DirtyScam.com-


Business Details –

  • Name: Encyclopedia Dramatica
  • Address: East Conner Avenue
  • City: Fairland
  • State: OK
  • Phone:
  • Website: http://EncyclopediaDramatica.se
  • Reported Loss: 0 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Encyclopedia Dramatica published at DirtyScam.com says, verbatim –


Encyclopedia Dramatica Admin Commits School Terror KillingsEncyclopedia Dramatica Admin Commits School Terror Killings by Susan Basko, Esq.Big special Hello to all the folks coming here from Encyclopedia Dramatica Forums, sent by like I care, my darling friend of so many years.As reported in the Daily Beast, William Edward Atchison, an Admin for the defamation/ hate website Encyclopedia Dramatica, terrorized a New Mexico High School on December 7, 2017. According to a CNN report, Atchison shot and killed two students and then killed himself.The Daily Beast article follows closely with information reported earlier by UK writer, Matthew Hopkins (pen name), aka Sam Smith. Hopkins tracked Atchison online through his appearances on several websites. It looks like Atchison spent much of his time being radicalized on hate websites such as The Daily Stormer, Kiwi Farms, and Encyclopedia Dramatica, where he was a Sysop, or Admin.The Daily Beast reported that, “In November, Atchison wrote on Steam, “How am I supposed to function in this world? Wherever I go, I see degeneracy. Pointless materialism, hedonism, sexual decay . . .” If “wherever” he went was The Daily Stormer, Kiwi Farms, and Encyclopedia Dramatica, that is exactly what he saw. You become what you put into your mind.Is it time for the FBI to worry about white people being radicalized on such hate websites? Or are they only concerned about Muslims being radicalized online and led to acts of violence?IN OTHER ENCYLOPEDIA DRAMATICA NEWS, Brian Zaiger, the owner of Encyclopedia Damatica (ED), told me a few days ago via email that he no longer owns Encyclopedia Dramatica and that he does not know who does own it. This seems unlikely, since Zaiger is involved in a lawsuit with Boston game developer, Jonathan Monsarrat. It seems like it would be illegal for Zaiger to divest the asset that is the subject of the lawsuit without asking permission of the Court and without notifying the Court and other party. A check of the docket shows no such documents have been filed.Of course, it could just be that Brian Zaiger was lying to me, because I was telling him to remove my name off his disgusting website. I then told him that if my name is not fully removed off his website within 24 hours, that I was reporting him to the FBI for the crime of Cyberstalking me using his website.Encyclopedia Dramatica (ED) is a website chockful of obscenity that is used to cyberstalk, extort, defame, coerce, and harass people. To this list can now be added that Encyclopedia Dramatica is used to radicalize people to turn them into school shooting terrorists.I have long suggested that the people who inhabit the twisted world of Encyclopedia Dramatica stop harassing and defaming those of us who find abhorrent the content of the site and the people who frequent it. Just take our names off your demented website, Brian Zaiger. Stop trying to twist our reputations up with your deranged garbage.That Encylopedia Dramatica would breed a school shooter was likely or inevitable. Many others known to frequent the site are hackers, stalkers, and other criminal types The site is a cesspool of lies, defamation, revenge pornography, revenge defamation.The site is used by criminals and stalkers to torment and degrade those who object to their crimes. My own name was put onto the site by a depraved hacker/ harasser who uses the site to extort and coerce their victims.Those running Encyclopedia Dramatica like to claim it is “satire.” But, satire is actually defined in the law. You cannot just post lies and hate and call it “satire.” There are specific legal definitions of what satire is, since satire is a Fair Use in Copyright law.There might be a few articles on the site that are satire. The bulk of the site is defamation, hate, and shocking obscenity. As has been chronicled in the Monsarrat lawsuit, Encyclopedia Dramatica is run in an irresponsible way with disregard for the law and disregard for the reputations and safety and well-being of those being attacked and harassed on the site.


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