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This is an archive of a consumer complaint published against Eric Corl at


Business Details –

  • Name: Eric Corl
  • Address: Tuller Road
  • City: Dublin
  • State: OH
  • Phone: + 1(832) 683-1527
  • Website:
  • Reported Loss: 1400000 $
  • Severity of Scam: Extremely High


Original Complaint against Eric Corl published at says, verbatim –


Eric Corl is the CEO of the company called Idea buyer. Idea buyer is nothing but a ponzi scheme invented by a smart scam artist ERIC CORLI have always had a great luck when associating with new people for work. However, this one experience changed the way I took my luck for granted. I am an old man. I have worked my whole life with decency and commitment. I was always welcomed with warm hearts for the dedication I showed at work.I am the owner and creator of a tool that helps in the secondary production of oil. I even have a patent for it. However, for mass production and better approach, I wanted some help. Hence, I looked for the companies that promote people’s ideas and patents.I found Eric Corl name as the owner of one of the biggest funding companies that support new ideas. Hence, I contacted him to sell my patent. The meeting was good, and I appreciated the smallest details Eric Corl took me through. I believed him to be the smartest and wisest man. Not knowing that he was a two-faced cheat.The reason I was so impressed by him was the fact that he has a lot of good things written on his website. While reading it, I already had made an impression about him. It was easy for him to take it from there.He offered me advices and then finally we agreed on the common term of payments and everything. He did pay me till may of the last year. After that, the payments started to get delayed and sometimes, I had to call him number of times to remind him of the payment.Suddenly, I even noticed the reduced amount coming in and not as specified in the agreement. When I tried to check with the authorities, I was notified that the payment terms were changed from one year to a five year’s time period. How was that even possible? I did not sign any document to make those changes. The answer was clear.It was Eric who was making these changes. He made the documents on his name and included his company’s name too. I was not much aware of the laws and the biggest mistake I made was not consulting a lawyer before agreeing to his terms.I have been calling him and trying to get hold of him since then, but he suddenly seems too busy. I am sure he would be doing this to many clients. He failed to do what he promised. He failed on all the promises he made to me when I first met him.Eric Corl is a liar and a biggest crook. Later I did find out many complaints referring to his cheats. I am not the only one. He keeps changing the schedules as per his wish. It becomes difficult to track him.I am not keeping well and needed that money desperately. He knows all this. I told him that this was the major reason why I was in so much hurry to sell my patent. But, he does not care about any of that I feel.


Eric Corl

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